UNBREAKABLE + SPLIT Sequel: GLASS Has Begun Filming


People have it wanted it for years. M.Night Shyamalan has begun shooting GLASS, his long-awaited sequel to UNBREAkABLE

Shyamalan’s new movie, Glass, also acts as a sequel to the James McAvoy multiple-personality horror, SPLIT.


To be honest, I really enjoyed Split…for the most part. I loved the simple idea of multiple-personalities all living inside of one man. Most of these personalities are friendly and mean no harm and they all co-exist together inside their host.  But among these 20-something personalities, one of them is to be feared by all.

It was the ending; I remember saying to myself “ok, whatever the fuck happens, this guy better not turn into some sort of werewolf beast”. Then I hung my head in severe disappointment because that is exactly what happened.

To me, Unbreakable and Split were two separate movies, and characters that couldn’t be more different from one another. I had a genuine”ahh ffs” moment in that last scene where Bruce Willis just appears out of nowhere. That was it, that was all that was needed to tie Unbreakable and Split together?. I sat through all of Split, enjoying it a psychological horror, so when this whole tie-in thing came I felt a little bit cheated.

At first, I thought, man, what a cheap sell-out and a shitty attempt to connect these universes to turn them into a franchise. I had to do some reading and it turns out that this wasn’t just some shitty attempt at connecting the stories. Shyamalan had planned to put McAvoy’s character into Unbreakable but the character was way too big for the production.

Now, 17-years later, Shyamalan has the production cash, the cast and the story to bring all these guys into one film. I am excited and a little bit worried. Far too early to tell yet. I guess we gotta wait and see!.

M.Night Shyamalan posted a photograph last night from his Twitter account confirming that GLASS has now begun filming.
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