Child’s Play Reboot Launches BestBuddi Website From Kaslan Corp

Child's Play reboot 2019

Child’s Play reboot: New BestBuddi website is the latest offering from the upcoming reboot of 80’s killer doll classic.

The new Child’s Play reboot is well into production. We now know that there will be no more serial killer soul-possessed dolls. This reboot, everyone’s favourite killer doll will be a malfunctioning A.I. A brand new website has now been launched, and to be honest, it’s kind of cool. It’s a fake site pretending to be an online retail outlet from A.I toy company, Kaslan.

Child's Play reboot poster

You can check out the site here @ or

The official announcement from the website by Henry Kaslan:

Hello, friends! At Kaslan, we believe that happiness is about more than just entertainment. It’s about being known. Understood. Loved. It is our global mission to continue to create innovative and interactive products designed not only to educate and entertain but to spread friendship across each and every household in the form of technological interconnectivity.

We at Kaslan take great pride in our unwavering focus to revolutionize technology in ways that positively impact the lives of friends across the world. And this, my friends, is our proudest moment. We’ve taken all of our research and learnings and applied them to create not only the most high-tech and interactive toy on the market but a companion to be enjoyed by the whole family. Every child is important to us, and every child deserves a best friend, so we at Kaslan made it our top priority to build one.

It is with immense enthusiasm and pride that I introduce to you our most cutting-edge, technologically advanced Kaslan product to date. Introducing your new best friend, Buddi. Available for pre-order now, Buddi will be joining households across the world starting June 21, 2019.

Thank you, friends!

Henry Kaslan
President and Founder, Kaslan Corporation


Also on the site, you can download a few wallpapers of BUDDi

The new Child’s Play reboot is due for release June 2019.

At first, I wasn’t overly impressed with the new approach. But now, the more I I see it develop, intrigued I am. Who knows? this could be good. Time will tell.

More news to follow.

As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble (segment from Child's Play official site)

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker
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