Moviehooker EXCLUSIVE Interview With Director And Star Of Indie Hit SOME FREAKS


Answers from Lily Mae Harrington

1:  What attracted you to Some Freaks and the role of Jill?

So many things! Ian’s dialogue is so natural. The way Jill spoke was similar to my natural cadence of speech. I felt that way in the first scene that I read, once I realized that she was the romantic lead it was no question in my mind. I had always gone out for the sassy best friend, or the sad girl in the corner, which, sure those characters exist in real life but are never the centre of the story, the young females that are usually a typical “ingenue” type. But she was so dynamic and this complicated character with all of these layers is never shown with a full figured teen which made it a no-brainer.


2: You lost 60lbs for the role, how did you find the whole process?


I used to kinda avoid scales but right before I was cast in Some Freaks I had weighed myself and realized I had lost 25 pounds just from just admittedly becoming a Californian, hiking, trying to eat gluten-free, farmers market veggies when I could. But I was still eating the normal amount of fast food that a broke 19-year-old eats. So when I heard I would have a weight loss team I was psyched. To be honest with them I felt invincible. I never thought I couldn’t do it, which is pretty cocky of me, haha, but I think you need that mindset and positive energy to change your life. It was pretty intense when I look back on it. I was so lucky to have the team that I did through this process. My nutritionist Derek Johnson (New Metabolism), health coach Daniela Kende (Color Me Complete) and Chris Abbot my trainer (Evolution Strength and Performance) gave me incredible support. Because of them, there was no question in my mind that I was going to reach my goal. There was someone in every part of the process I could talk to. It’s a lot easier to commit to it when you have someone waiting for you at the gym 4 times a week and someone giving you a fast simple healthy recipe to whip up at the drop of a text message. I was set up for success and I couldn’t be more grateful.


3: How was your experience at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival?


It was a bit of a whirlwind! It went by so fast I barely remember the screening of the movie, it kind of feels like a blur. But I absolutely love Montreal and hope to go back next summer!


4:  This was your first lead role in a movie – not that it was noticeable, how did you find the transition from TV to Movies?


Oh yeah the first movie ever!  Before I had had day player roles on a few sitcoms and some musical numbers. The longest scripted show I had been apart of before Some Freaks I was on set 2 half days. Before those sitcoms, I had done a lot of theatre. Sitcoms have a similar vibe, lots of energy and good timing, but this… This was unlike anything I had ever done. I had never had the camera that close to my face. 


5: You also got to show us a little bit of your musical talent in Some Freaks (and btw have a beautiful voice), was that already in the script or was it added in at a later date?


There was another song in the script but we didn’t know if we would get the rights to it, and then Ian heard some of my music and wanted to use a different song, but long story short we couldn’t use it because of another writer on the song and I was bummed! We had another idea for a similar song and I said okay but really inside I wanted to write one but didn’t have another original that would work. Then we shot the scene in the alley in the snow in Providence with Jill Matt and Elmo. It was a bonding day for the three of us. Then I went back to the Providence Biltmore and it just kinda came out! I sent a voice memo to Ian that night and then the next day we shot it. Thomas had never heard it until we sang and recorded it live.  It fit perfectly with a track my brother Travis composed and that arrangement is what you hear in the credits. It kind of just happened!


6: Do you write your own music? And if so where can we find it? 


I do write, for other people and my own stuff. Right now the music I perform is on SoundCloud and YouTube, an album eventually…The music project I’m working on now is called Lily Mae and the Exes. We’re a girl band guitar, bass, cello, and viola. Singing original songs of unrequited love with a little extra bite… Still experimenting… You can find our full live sets on my SoundCloud page. and YouTube channel: Lily Mae Harrington


7: Some Freaks is an important movie for today’s age. Did you feel a sense of responsibility when portraying Jill?


Certainly. As I said previously I had never been up for a romantic lead in a film or TV show, which is honestly a little insulting at this point. My life was never the “chubby girl who’s afraid of her own shadow” which is 90% of the parts people write for girls over a size 6. People of all different sizes, colours, shapes and abilities, fall in love, have sex and make good and bad decisions in their life.  For some reason, Hollywood is blinded by our physical representation, maybe not blinded, but they choose to only see the comical parts of these things in our lives. Some Freaks sees through that. All of these character types are usually pitied on-screen but Ian didn’t write them that way. That was what I wanted to reiterate 


8: What’s next for you, have you got any exciting projects coming up that we should know about?


I’m also in a film directed by Some Freaks producer Lovell Holder called “Loserville” that will hopefully hit VOD this fall. Very different teenage movie and a very different dynamic, powerful female character, I get to be Class President: p A few others on the horizon so keep your fingers crossed! I’ll just be singing my little heart out until whatever comes next.


Well folks, that’s it! I would like to thank Ian and Lily Mae once again for their time and for giving us such a special little gem of a movie.

More info on Some Freaks when it hits. Thanks for reading


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