Train To Busan 2 Reportedly Starts Shooting Next Year

Train To Busan

If the rumours are true, a follow-up to the worldwide zombie smash-hit phenomenon Train To Busan is getting a sequel.

With the number of zombie movies out there, it’s very strange that one of my all-time favourites is set in just one location, a train. Train To Busan took the horror world and everyone with it by storm.

The simple story of a group of survivors trapped inside a moving train.  An infection spreads rapidly, turning everyone it comes in contact with into flesh-eating-maniacs.

Train To Busan

Train To Busan was a movie I was watching way before it went into pre-production. In fact, Train To Busan marks director Yeong Sang-ho’s first ever live-action film. His previous movies were all dark and disturbing in nature but beautifully animated.

TTB even has an animated prequel but it took a long time for people to realise there was a prequel. The prequel is called Seoul Station and takes place two days before the events in Train To Busan.

I also highly recommend that you hook yourself up with his previous movies, The King Of Pigs and The Fake.

It makes perfect sense that we are getting a sequel. It would be stupid of them not to at least try – TTB was such a money-maker.

We just got to be thankful that Train To Busan wasn’t an American production. If it was, we could quite possibly be on TTB: Part 9 by now starring The Rock, with talks of prequels in the works.

The word on the street is that none of the original cast members will return for the sequel. Not a lot is known about the plot, but it is said that the infection starts to spread rapidly across South Korea. Basically, it sounds like TTB x 10. I have total faith in Sang-ho, the man has a great talent. I am sure he has something special planned for us with this sequel.

More to follows as news is announced. As always, thanks for reading.

Yeong Sang-ho also directed PSYCHOKINESIS. A fun take on the superhero genre. You can read our review HERE and then watch it on Netflix.


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