Review For New Irish Revenge Movie, Darkness On The Edge Of Town



The Brutal Murder Of A Loved One Sends A Young Sharpshooter On A Bloody Quest For Revenge.

Darkness On The Edge Of Town is a revenge/drama/western written and directed by Patrick Ryan and shot in the back-arse-of-no-where in west Ireland.

I sat for the duration of the movie amazed at what I was seeing. We have a multi-layered story with great character development, direction, writing, fantastic performances and the cinematography is beautifully haunting.

The film follows Cleo ( Emma Eliza Regan), a beautiful, young talented sharpshooter who lives in a rural part of west Ireland. She spends her days roaming the stunning landscapes, hunting what ever animals are unfortunate enough to pass by the cross-hairs of her rifle.

When her only sister is found dead with her throat slit in a public bathroom she sets out with her best friend, Robin (Emma Willis), and her rifle to hunt down and execute the person responsible for murdering her sister.

Darkness On The Edge Of Town offers us something fresh from what we usually see with revenge flicks. We know who the killer is from the beginning – it’s her best friend, Robin! and this creates a completely different vibe that completely shifts the focus and the feel of the movie.

There is no denying it , Robin is a complete psychopath, but you also sympathise with her. Director, Ryan makes sure that we know about her character and her tragic upbringing and as the plot unfolds, we start to see more clearly why she is the way she is.

Robin, lives with her alcoholic mother (Clodagh Downing) and older brother, Virgil,(Brian Gleeson). Now because of Robin’s manipulation, Virgil becomes one of the suspects and slowly enters into the deadly, inescapable cross-hairs of Cleo Callahan.

The beautiful Irish backdrop plays a huge part in the story, Cinematographer, Tommy Fitzgerald’s work is something that needs to be recognised. It’s the first time I’ve seen a revenge movie offer so much on-screen presence and beauty while at the same time remaining bleak, brutal and original.



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Stay tuned for upcoming EXCLUSIVE interview with writer/director Patrick Ryan.

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