Insane Japanese Movies That Everyone should see PART 1


Japan is home to some of the most insane films on the planet – I have tons of the films featured on moviehooker throughout the years but I have never put them all in a list together for your twisted viewing pleasure

 I started out just wanting to do a top ten but its just impossible. Japan has too many insane films so I have decided to make this a 3-part post with the second instalment arriving early next week.

Ok, this list can’t be a proper list if it doesn’t feature the films of legendary director Takeshi Miike, so I have featured his films first.


happiness-of-the-katakuris_poster HAPPINESS OF THE KATIKURI’S

The Sound Of Music meets Dawn Of The Dead” was the only thing that I had to read on the cover to make me foam at the mouth and want to buy Takeshi Miike’s musical mentalpiece.

This is a pretty crazy film , and tells the story of a family run B&B that is under serious pressure. They are in danger of closing as a new motorway is about to get built next to the B&B which will mean all potential custom will pass by without even knowing that they exist.

When the few customers they do get start to die in suspicious circumstances – they panic – and instead of calling the cops they bury the bodies in a near-by forest that unfortunately is also called The Forest Of Resurrection .

As the bodies mount up , so does the undead, and as the undead mount up then you better get ready to get on your dancing shoes.

I remember watching this for the first time, and nearly dropping to floor with laughter – it was the craziest thing to see – one minute its a serious movies about struggling B&B that can’t seem to catch a break, then the next minute, there is zombies and the whole cast is singing and dancing.

ichi-the-killer-movie-poster-2001-1020745571ICHI THE KILLER

Ichi The Killer is based on a popular ultra-violent Manga comic of the same name and I don’t think any other director could’ve pulled this off other than Miike.

Ichi works for some sort of crime boss , but they have him brainwashed. When Ichi was young he was bullied to the point of breaking . A crime syndicate took him in and trained him to be the ultimate killing machine by using his fear of his tormenters as fuel to send him into a killing rage.

Also features one of the memorable villains to ever be put on screen – Kakihara – a sadomasochistic member of the Yakuza who thrives on pain and suffering. He has a self-inflicted Mexican smile, both sides of his face are slit and have piercings in them – when he exhales a cigarette  we see the smoke come out from the side of his face….my mind was blown the first time I seen this guy – you do not not want to fuck with Kakihara



The film follows a sneaky director who holds false auditions for a role that does not exist. What seemed like a good idea at the time and an easy way to get a partner quickly turns into the worst decision he has ever made in his life.

Let’s just say the woman is a little bat-shit-crazy and when she finds out that the relationship was made up just so the director could get laid – she doest take the news too lightly. Its time to break out the piano-wire and needles.

Some of the most shocking scenes in Asian cinema – Audition is one of the more populars titles in Asian horror – it still would need a special kind of viewer to want to watch this sort of film.

I loved it and have watched countless times.




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