14 Documentaries That Every Documentary Lover Should See

The Netflix documentary, Making A Murderer has taken the world by storm. Everyone seems to love it.


I decided to put an article together that features some of the best documentaries that I have ever seen – I hope you enjoy the list.


DEAR ZACHARY : A Letter To A Son About His Father

I have preached about this doc for years. If I had to choose,¬†then Dear Zachary would be the best documentary that I have ever seen. In saying that, I could only EVER watch it once, it is a superbly written piece of work but it is so heartbreaking that I don’t think any normal mortal human being would be able to sit down to more than one viewing.

OFFICIAL PLOT (google search)

In 2001, 28-year-old Dr. Andrew Bagby is found dead in a park in Pennsylvania. He had been shot by his ex-girlfriend, who then fled to Canada, where she was able to walk free on bail, pregnant with Andrew’s child. Andrew’s enraged parents campaign to gain custody of the child and convict their son’s killer. Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne pairs this story with home movies and interviews with those who knew Andrew, hoping to give his best friend’s son an opportunity to discover who his dad was.



a death in st augutineA Death In St Augustine

This documentary made me angry more than anything else. It was so fucking obvious that he killed his girlfriend and set it up (poorly) to look that she took her own life. Everyone in this doc deserves to do some time behind bars, everyone is involved. It just goes to show you that if you carry a badge and a gun, and are part of the so-called Law Enforcement then its quite easy to get away with murder.

Official Plot (IMDb)

From PBS and Frontline: On the night she broke up with her boyfriend, a Florida deputy sheriff, Michelle O’Connell was found dead from a gunshot in the mouth. Next to her was her boyfriend’s semi-automatic service pistol. The sheriff’s office called it suicide, but was it? FRONTLINE and The New York Times investigate this death of a young, single mother, and what can go wrong when the police are faced with domestic violence allegations within their own ranks.


the jinxThe Jinx , The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst

There was a film released some time ago that starred Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst. The film was called Very Good Things and was based on the real life disappearance of the wife of wealthy real-estate heir, Robert Durst.

This mini-series is told through interviews with Robert Durst himself,

Great mini-series that is told in a cinematic way, even the opening credits would remind you of True Detective – I am pretty sure this is the vibe that are going for. The documentary is also told with a feature film feel to it and its a nice touch

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