Trailer: Timo Tjahanto’s May The Devil Take You

May The Devil Take You

Trailer for the new horror film from Timo Tjahanto MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU

Timo Tjahanto has been on my mind a hell of a lot lately. So, it’s amazing to be able to confirm that even though we are about to get the long-awaited The Night Comes For Us (which I have been waiting for since 2013), he has also a new horror movie MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU ready for release.


May The Devil Take You just appeared out of nowhere, well, for me anyway. I had no idea it was even in production. It’s very rare that something like this gets past me but when it does, I think it is the best feeling ever. Because I cover so much indie cinema, I usually have to wait for what seems like a lifetime to see the film. Think about how pissed off we get when we are waiting just one week to get the next episode of our favourite TV show. Well, it’s like that but only an average waiting time of around 52 weeks…sometimes a lot longer.

So, here is the official plot for MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU (Google)

At her father’s deathbed, Alfie learns that she and her family must give the Devil his due when he comes to collect on the pact made years before in this electrifying horror film from Indonesian master storyteller Timo Tjahjanto.


Indonesian director, Timo Tjahanto first appeared on my radar with DARA, which (I think) was made into the feature MACABRE. He then gave us KILLERS which was a Japanese/Indonesian serial killer film. He then followed with the Iko Uwais and Julie Estelle actioner HEADSHOT.

The trailer was uploaded over 2-months ago. It has no English subtitles. That shouldn’t put you off. It looks pretty dam creepy. If you’re familiar with this man’s work, you’ll know he is a master of his art.

Enjoy the trailer. As always, thanks for reading.

Words By Gary Gamble 

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker
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