Fantasia Festival: Ryuzo And The Seven Henchmen [Review]

Ryuzo And The Seven Henchmen (Ryuzo 7 / Ryûzô to 7 nin no kobun tachi) Takeshi Kitano is no stranger to the gangster genre, bursting onto the scene with ‘Violent Cop’ and achieving widespread popularity with both ‘Outrage’ and ‘Beyond Outrage’ respectively, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who presents Continue Reading


Fantasia Festival: Haemoo [Review]

  Haemoo This bleak box office smash from South Korea lives up to hype surrounding it, tossing the viewer about as if you were on the boat itself leaving you nauseated and chilled to your core. Haemoo (translated as ‘Sea Fog’) tells the real life story and adapted screenplay of a Continue Reading

Fantasia Festival Review – The Demolisher

The Demolisher is a low-budget vigilante/revenge film from Canada directed & written by Gabriel Carrer. The film follows Bruce, an internet repairman that is crumbling from the pressure in caring for his disabled wife. His wife, Samantha (Tianna Nori) was a cop and was viciously attacked and is now confined to Continue Reading