New South Korean movies You Need To Know About

 A new list featuring some new titles coming out of South Korea    As usual , we’ve got some films that you wont be forgetting about in a hurry …ENJOY. As for genres, we have some horror, crime, revenge, thrillers, and action…just about a little bit of everything.     INSANE A woman called, Soo-a gets violently abducted in … Read more

Top Foreign Thrillers: Movies You May Have Missed (With Trailers)

Here are some top foreign thrillers that might have managed to slip past you. I have some dark and gritty thrillers from Denmark, Spain, Philippines, Russia, and France. I hope you enjoy. KEEPER OF LOST CAUSES Country: Denmark Release: 2013 Based on a crime novel by Jussi Henry Adler-Olsen, The Keeper Of Lost Causes was adapted … Read more

Jeremy Saulnier’s Punk Rockers Vs Skinheads Movie GREEN ROOM Is Tense , Survival Horror Done To Perfection.

  Jeremy Saulnier is back and on top-form with Green Room, his passion project and first film since indie revenge classic, Blue Ruin. Read our full review below. So after the success of Blue Ruin it was inevitable that Saulnier’s next feature would be bigger and badder. Saulnier knew himself that the longer he waited then the less … Read more

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