Nocta Review: Christianity, Islam, Neo-Nazi’s, Vampires, Zombies and Entrails…lots of them

Have you you been looking for your next B-Movie horror fix? well, I have quite the gruesome and icky treat for you…German splatterfest NOCTA So, before I start telling you about all about Nocta. You should know that this is a low-budget gorefest that really doesn’t hold back. WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Brought up under strict … Read more

On Netflix: BROTHERHOOD Organised Crime Never Looked Grittier

Brotherhood Netflix Series

BROTHERHOOD Primarily set inside the walls of a rough, gang-ridden prison in São Paulo, Brazil. A new faction has been formed called the Brotherhood. Their purpose is to stop the murder, abuse and discrimination from a corrupt prison system. This is all orchestrated inside the walls of a prison which is run by the cowardly … Read more

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