That’s A Lot Of Dead Dicks: Review For New Canadian Indie Sci-fi DEAD DICKS

Dead Dicks Review Moviehooker

Even the title – DEAD DICKS gets people talking, and more so, thinking what’s a lot of Dead Dicks is gonna look like on-screen? Dead Dicks is actually a very clever title, funny, yes, but still very clever. Dead Dicks is a new Canadian shoe-string budget sci-fi. Apart from the opening scenes which take place … Read more


Lovecraft Country HBO Moviehooker

HBO is bringing the H.P Lovecraft universe to life in new series LOVECRAFT COUNTRY HBO’s Lovecraft Country has just dropped a new trailer. The new series is produced by J.J Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions H.P Lovecraft was an American author that wrote some of the best horror and sci-fi stories … Read more

COMA: New Russian Sci-fi From Dark Sky Films

Coma Release Info Moviehooker

Dark Sky Films to release new Russian sci-fi COMA This is the 2nd Russian sci-fi that I have written about recently. This is great news. Russia really delivers some breathtaking and original sci-fi. Even if they ain’t as dark and violent as I would hope for, their original approach is almost unlike anything we have … Read more

Poster + Trailer For Brandon Cronenberg’s POSSESSOR

Brandon Cronenberg’s highly anticipated second feature, Possessor now has an Official Poster and Trailer I remember writing about Possessor when it was in the early stages of pre-production. Back then, there wasn’t really a lot to go on except a really creepy image. 8-years ago, Brandon Cronenberg released his directorial debut, Antiviral. While a lot … Read more

Project Power: The Boys meets Limitless in New Netflix Sci-Fi

Project Power Release News Moviehooker Netflix

Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt play two detectives from New Orleans investigating a drug that gives you superpowers in new Netflix Orginal The premise for new Netflix sci-fi Project Power sort of sounds like Limitless. But, instead of becoming super smart after you pop a pill, you just become super. And you don’t know what … Read more

New Cult Horror NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD Arrives on VOD, Blu-Ray & DVD August 4TH

Nothing But The Blood Release News

Who doesn’t love a good Religious cult movie? Nothing But The Blood takes us into Jesus-loving small-town America Nothing But The Blood takes place in rural Texas. It follows a journalist called Jessica who is sent to cover the opening of a new Church. As the Church starts to cast its fairytale stories of resurrection, … Read more

Perempuan Tanah Jahanam aka Impetigore Review: A little village full of creepy people who have a thing for puppets and satanic rituals

Joko Anwar has delivered some amazing films, like “Modus Anomali”, “The Forbidden Door” and “Satan’s Slaves”; obviously I was thrilled since I learned he was filming a new horror movie (after “Gundala”) and finally we got the release in this side of the world. We have the amazing Tara Basro (Maya), as our lead actress … Read more

Cosplay Reaches New Serial Killer Levels In Random Acts Of Violence

Random Acts Of Violence Shudder Release Info

Get ready for some killer cosplay in Random Acts Of Violence. Arriving soon…only on Shudder A cult-hit in the making, Jay Baruchel’s long-anticipated RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE, adapted from the popular 2010 horror graphic novel by the same name, is a force to reckon with. The Canadian filmmaker and actor, best known for his comedic … Read more

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