Kingdom: Ashin Of The North takes us to the origin of infection

Kingdom: Ashin of the North Trailer Moviehooker

Kingdom: Ashin of the North coming in 2021 Kingdom was one of the first Netflix Original‘s to get a season 2 confirmed even before the first episode of season one aired. Netflix knew they had a winner on their hands, and hey, who doesn’t like a good, refreshing zombie series? In Kingdom, the series dealt … Read more

Dog Soldiers 2 Could Still Happen

The Lair movie news NeillMarshall Moviehooker

Dog Soldiers 2 Could Still be Happening? Remember Dog Soldiers? Of course, you do. A group of soldiers who went deep into the Scottish Highlands on a routine training exercise have to fight for their lives against a family of coordinated and angry werewolves. Yeah, it was just an instant horror classic and all these … Read more

4 BLOCKS: Gomorrah meets Sons Of Anarchy

4 Blocks series Amazon Prime Moviehooker

I have no idea how 4 Blocks got past me. In a way, it’s great because I get to binge everything that is available…well, on Amazon Prime anyways. 4 Blocks is set in Berlin, it focuses on a Lebanese drug cartel/mafia run by Toni Hamady. Toni and his gang of Arab thugs make their fortune … Read more

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