New Amazon Series dom takes us back to city of god’s crime-ridden favelas

Dom Series Amazon Moviehooker

Dom is a new series that was recently released on Amazon Prime. There’s serious City of God vibes flowing through it. Could Dom be Amazon’s answer to Netflix’s Narcos series? Pedro is a drug addict that spends his day’s in Rio’s favelas constantly trying to find his next fix. His addiction has turned him into … Read more

Trailer For New Sam Neill Sci-Fi SERIES INVASION

Invasion News Apple Tv Moviehooker

Apple TV has just dropped the news that a brand new sci-fi series starring Sam Neill called INVASION is hitting our screens this year. Tired of zombies invading your screen? have you grown tired of the soap opera that has become The Walking Dead? How about some aliens instead?. That’s right, television has a new … Read more

New Lord of The Rings Prequel In The Works at warner bros & New Line Cinema

Lord of the Rings movie he War of the Rohirrim Moviehooker

Great news, we are getting more Lord of the Rings. As well as the new series currently in production for Amazon, we will be getting an animated film that will take place before the events of the first film A joint collaboration from New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers. The new prequel has officially been … Read more


Netflix has announced that Zack Snyder will bring us Twilight of the Gods. The streaming giants will also be throwing us into the infinite darkness of space in a brand new space horror series. Like him or not, it looks like Zack Snyder has found his home with Netflix. He has been given way more … Read more

Are You Ready For Black Summer Season 2 – It Hits Netflix June 17th


I know what you’re going to say “not more zombies, Gary, do you ever shut up about the Goddman zombies?. No, I don’t and I never will – let’s talk about Black Summer! Now, it took me a while to cave-in and watch the first series of Black Summer. Why? because I listened to people’s … Read more

SAINT MAUD REVIEW: What if God was one of us?

Saint Maud Review A24 Moviehooker

A24’s Saint Maud has picked up the title as one of the best recent horror films. The reviews are correct. I found Sant Maud to be a terrifying and fresh new approach to a genre packed full of mediocrity. In the opening sequences, we see Maud at her soon to be fired job. She is … Read more

Fan of The Raid Movies? Then you’re going to love Xtreme on Netflix

Xtreme Review Netflix Moviehooker

It is very, very important, that if you’re going to name your action film Xtreme, then you better be living up to its name! and folks, yes it does. As a huge fan of primarily asian action films, I feel my movie soul has been more than blessed with films like The Raid, Jailbreak, Headshot … Read more

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