The director of Dog Solidiers has a new creature-feature horror – THE LAIR

The Lair movie news NeillMarshall Moviehooker

Neill Marshall is back again with THE LAIR and this time it looks like he is giving us fans what we really want: more creatures Not only was Marshall responsible for everyone’s favourite squaddy werewolf classic, Dog Soldiers, he also gave us another instant classic, one that has yet to be touched in terms of … Read more

Info on Army of the Dead sequel, prequel & series!


Army of the Dead was most definitely met with mixed reviews. Some loved it, some loathed it, some laughed at it, some screamed at anger at the screen. Me, I enjoyed the hell out of it. It wasn’t the tense ride I hoped for, an intensity that he got so right with 2004’s Dawn Of … Read more

It’s Here – Check Out The Breathtaking Trailer For DUNE

Dune Trailer Moviehooker

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune reboot has just dropped the official trailer and as expected – it looks beautifully epic! The day is almost here, after all this waiting and the setbacks, Dune is finally getting released. I thought the trailer was everything it was going to be – a true sci-fi epic!. However, I have to … Read more

Titane: The New Palme d’Or Winner

New Euro Cinema -Movieehooker

Titane is the new film by Raw director Julia Ducournau. The new film recently took home the prestigious Palme d’Or making Julia Dorcournau the second only female person to win the award. The other award went to Jane Campion in 1993 for The Piano With Dorcournau’s first film, Raw, we got a tasty little cannibal movie … Read more

Kandisha Review: Inside Directors Return To Their Roots For New French Folklore Horror

Kandisha review - Moviehooker - Shudder

When we hear the names Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, our dark hearts beat with excitement. Now they’re back with a brand new French folklore horror, Kandisha Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo are best known for their French extreme offering, Inside. The directing duo are back with, Kandisha, a new horror about a powerful female … Read more

Animales Humanos (Human Animals): A home invasion where you can’t tell who are humans and who are animals

By now, we are really familiar with Lex Ortega’s movies, such Atroz and México Bárbaro (“What’s Important is Inside” segment). Human Animals tells the story of 2 families: first we have Fabiola, Roy and their daughter Teresa, who is extremely afraid of the neighbors’ dog. The neighbors, Chava and Anahí have a dog, named Jagger, … Read more

New South Korean TV Shows That You’ll Want To Know About Part 1

Taxi Driver Sout Korean Series Moviehooker Seres List

We are back with another list. This time focusing on new(ish) South Korean tv shows! I have only seen a few of these..but trust me, the ones I haven’t seen are going to be so good. Netflix has been killing lately with South Korean content, both with movies and tv series. So, for the ones … Read more

Check Out The Trailer For New Netflix Horror Mystery Series 1899

1899 New Netflix Series

Netflix is bringing us a brand new period horror series called 1899 and it looks delightfully weird 1899 is new Netflix series from the creators of one of Netflix’s strongest series’, Dark. Not a lot is known about the plot. The trailer does a fantastic job at drawing us in, hooking us but not revealing … Read more

Great European Crime Shows On Netflix

Netflix news

We are back with another list. This time we are focusing on the best European crime shows that are on Netflix. Netflix has so many great European crime shows and that is such a great thing to see. It’s sad though that there’s so many people with the mindset “another subtitled series, yawn”. When in … Read more

South Korean Revenge Movies From the last 10 years

South Kprean REvenge Movies

We are back with another list. This time we will be focusing on South Korean Revenge Movies that have been released in the last 10-years. We have said it before, when it comes to the revenge sub-genre, no one can quite hit the mark like South Korea. I have tried to keep the details down … Read more

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