Anya Taylor Joy to star in Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu remake

Anya Tayor Joy Movie News Nosferatu moviehooker

The VVitch writer/directror Robert Eggers has found his female lead in Anya Taylor-Joy for his upcoming Nosferatu remake It seems like Anya Taylor-Joy is everywhere these days. She has been pretty much non-stop since she starred in Robert Eggers’ 2016’s The VVitch. She saw huge Netflix success with the drama series The Queen’s Gambit where … Read more

Memories of a Murderer: The Dennis Nilsen Tapes chills to the bone

Dennis Nilsen Doc Nilsen Tapes review Moviehooker Netflix

Netflix has just released Memories of a Murderer: The Dennis Nilsen Tapes After being somewhat disappointed by the David Tennent series Des ((David was great, the series was just bland and didn’t pack a punch) I had almost given up hope on a decent Nilsen doc, series or film. I thought I had seen everything … Read more

Brand New Cherry Flavor Netflix Review: Cat-Sh*t-Crazy

Brand New Cherry Flavor Review Moviehooker Netflix

Brand New Cherry Flavor, the new weird and wonderful Netflix series that dropped last week blew my expectations away! It’s a mix of David Lynch and David Cronenberg with some Lovecraftian style monsters and themes (mainly, the fear of the unknown). As well as being so obviously inspired by our greats, it also carries its … Read more

Upcoming K Dramas – 5 New Series’ that all sound amazing.

Upcoming K drama List 2021

In this new list of upcoming K Drama, we have horror, fantasy and action. And yup, we got another Korean zombie series on the way. Yay for the zombies! But that’s not all the horror we have for you. How about a new Netflix series from Train to Busan director Sang-ho Yeon? yes? well, then … Read more

UPDATED: Teaser From David Cronenberg’s CRIMES OF THE FUTURE

Crimes of the Future news Moviehooker

David Cronenberg is back with a brand new film, Crimes of the Future AND WE NOW HAVE THE TEASER TRAILER SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE FOR CRIMES OF THE FUTURE TEASER TRAILER Cronenberg will reunite with A history Of Violence star Viggo Mortensen. The brand new sci-fi, crimes of the Future is written … Read more

Info on the new Predator movie (Skull)

New Predator Movie News

It has been a long time coming but it looks like we finally have some news on the new Predator movie and, well, it certainly sounds promising. There were some rumours floating about that the new Predator movie will be called “Skull”. It looks like that this is the working title only. It is still … Read more

New European movies you need to know about

New Euro Cinema -Movieehooker

We are back with a new list of some weird European movies that’s coming your way soon. I have also added a couple at the bottom from 2020 that you may have missed. We hope you enjoy In this list, we have some great new and new(ish) European movies from Iceland, France & Norway TITANE … Read more

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