What The Six Survivors Told | Zombie Manga Gets the Series Treatment

What The Six Survivors Told series news

A new Japanese zombie series is coming to the small screen. Has South Korea got a new contender for the zombie series top spot? As much as we love South Korean cinema and its neverending black hole of quality content, we have to admit, that they have been dominating the small screen as well as … Read more

The Boys: The Boys season 3 boldly goes where no show has gone before

The Boys Season 3 Review

Well, Holy Fu*kin’ Sh*t-Balls of Green Ear Goop! what an absolutely fantastic season we just got! We just didn’t get enough of it! 8-episode seasons are just too short. One thing though, yeah, there are only 8-episodes but OH MY GOD, each episode was crazy good. This article will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for The Boys, … Read more

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