Dr Brain review: I Saw The Devil Director Tackles South Korean Black Mirror-type series

Dr Brain Review

Yeah, you read that right! the writer/director of South Korean classics such as I Saw The Devil, A Bittersweet Life (Jee-woon Kim) has his own Apple TV mini-series called Dr Brain In a lot of ways, Dr Brain reminded me of the British TV series Black Mirror. You know, a subject that’s quite scary for … Read more

Updated: New Trailer For HBO’s The Last Of Us Has Arrived


We finally have a teaser trailer for HBO’s The Last Of Us series and they’ve nailed every aspect of the game and more! Undoubtedly, The Last of Us is my most anticipated series of 2023. I have been following, or we have been following this series since the early days of pre-production so to finally … Read more

Prey Review:


The wait is finally over. Prey was released today on Hulu and Disney+. So, what was the new Predator prequel like? In short, it was fkn great. Well, I certainly thought it was anyways. Was everything historically accurate?…probably not but I still had a fun time. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Yeah, it … Read more

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