Hellraiser review: A Near Perfect Reboot

Hellraiser review

Well, the wait is finally over, I finally got to check out Hulu’s new Hellraiser film and while I didn’t t think it was perfect, there ain’t a lot of bad things I can say about it. Look, each to their own, the best thing about opinions is that we all have them, right? so, … Read more

Through the Darkness: South Korea’s MINDHUNTER

Through the Darkness just arrived on Netflix, so if you’re still in the mood for some true crime serial killer drama then this is a must watch Sometimes it feels like there’s a team of South Korean Netflix researchers that are constantly looking to remake really big Netflix tv shows. It seemed that way with … Read more

Choi Min-sik to star in Disney+ crime series King Of Savvy

South Korean veteran actor, Choi Min-sik has been cast in the lead role in King Of Savvy, a new crime series arriving on Disney+ Well, ain’t that some amazing news? As if that casting ain’t good enough, The Outlaws’ Kang Yoon-sung will serve as director. It looks like Moviehooker could be subscribing to Disney+. After … Read more

Info on new Itallian Home Invasion Flick The Guest Room

Below, you’ll find the information on The Guest Room, a new new Itallian home invasion-type horror/Thriller coming to a small screen near you this October Stefano Lodovichi’s Tense ThrillerThe Guest Room (La Stanza) Checks into North AmericaAvailable on Digital HD & Cable VOD October 25th Red Water Entertainment has announced the North American VOD debut of Stefano Lodovichi’s The … Read more

Dahmer review: The darkest & most vile Netflix series to date – 9/10

It’s a case that most true crime enthusiasts know well but Ryan Murphy offers us a deeper, darker, and more disturbing look into the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer than we’ve ever seen before. Now that we’ve seen it, we will never, ever unsee it. Overall, I found the new Dahmer series the best thing to … Read more

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