5 New Indonesian Horrors You May Want To Check Out

new Indonesian Horror Films - A Moviehooker List

I am sure you’re aware that a handful of filmmakers from Indonesia have been dominating the Asian horror horror scene. Films like The Queen Of Black Magic, May The Devil Take You and Satan’s Slaves have proven time and time again that Indonesia can do horror just as good as anyone else…if not, better. Below … Read more

New French Language Horror Films 2023/24

New French Horror Films - Moviehooker

A list of newly released or upcoming French horror films Serial killers, creature features, killer spiders, people turning into random animals and vampires. We have some great stuff coming from France this year and next. Some of these films have been featured in some previous Movierhooker lists but I thought I would get all of … Read more

When Evil Lurks: Who’s Ready For The Best Horror Of The Year?

When Evil Lurks Shudder Review - Moviehooker

DEMIAN RUGNA‘S HIGHLY ANTICIPATED HORROR WHEN EVIL LURKS HITS SHUDDER THIS FRIDAY. I WAS FKN BLOWN AWAY BY THIS FILM – 10/10 – CHECK OUT MY REVIEW BELOW Very Minor Spoilers in 1st paragraph After hearing gunshots from their home in the rural countryside, brothers, Pedro and Jimmy set out at sunrise to find out … Read more

Who Needs A New Zomedy? Info For – As We Know It!

AWKI - Moviehooker

As We Know looks like a lot of fun. I love this sort of indie zomedy that knows the strengths of budget filmmaking and it looks like they’re all having a blast Genre: Comedy, Zombie, Apocalypse  RT: 84 min | Rated R Language: English | U.S. Set in Los Angeles in the late 1990s, struggling writer James … Read more

Gothic Horror Drama Hands That Bind Coming To theatres and VOD this November

Hands That Bind Movie Info - Moviehooker

Hi, folks, press release just in for a new gothic horror drama called Hands That Bind – Check It Out and add the date to your calender Dark Sky Films brings the release of a slow burn, prairie gothic drama set in the 1980s, HANDS THAT BIND, starring Paul Sparks, Susan Kent, Nicholas Campbell with Bruce Dern. The film will be available in theatres and on … Read more

Worst Of Evil: Undercover Cops Infiltrate Drug Ring In Twist Fuled, Nail-Bitin’, K Drama

Worst of Evil review - Moviehooker

Worst of Evil blends the chaotic mayhem while delivering top-notch drama. Worst of Evil follows some cops chosen to go undercover to infiltrate a huge drug ring between South Korea, China & Japan. In proper Infernal Affairs fashion, the deeper these people go undercover, the harder it is to find their way back to the … Read more

The Devil On Trial Review: The Devil’s In The Douchebag

The Devil On Trial Netflix Review - Moviehooker

The new Netflix true crime documentary, The Devil On Trial recently hit Netflix and I’ve quite a bit to say about it. The Devil on Trial focuses on a young boy who claims to have been possessed by a demonic entity. This led to a brutal murder when the demon took over his older brother. … Read more

New Horror Films You Need To Know About

New Horror Movies 2023 - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list of horror films you should know about. No surprise but what we got below are mainly horror flicks but all are dark in nature. I hope you enjoy it. Apocalyptic themes, serial killers, supernatural and fantasy. 2023 is the cinematic gift that keeps on giving, Check out the … Read more

The Fall Of The House Of Usher Review

The Fall Of The House of Usher review - Moviehooker

The highly anticipated Netflix adaptation of The Fall Of The House Of Usher recently hit Netflix. In my opinion, this is Flanagan’s best work to date. A superb horror series. I have been a fan of Mike Flanagan (TV shows) since he released the super creepy The Haunting Of Hill House. Unfortunately though, his follow-up, … Read more

In My Mother’s Skin Review: Beautifully Bleak Filipino Folk Horror Fairytale

In My Mother's Skin Review - Moviehooker

Set in the Philippines during World War II, In My Mother’s Skin follows Tala, a young kid left to look after her ailing mother and young brother after their father goes missing and feared never to return Struggling to make ends meet, Tala sets out to try and find some food for her family. Her … Read more

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