3 New South Korean Films You Need To Know About

New South Korean Movies A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list, this time focusing on some new South Korean films that will be coming our way soon. Hey, it may be a small list but I think these are gonna rock our worlds. Let us get to it. HANDSOME GUYS Handsome Guys has promised us some gnarly violence and … Read more


The Best South Korean Content on Amazon Prime Video - A Moviehooker List

I am happy to report that we are starting to see a rise in South Korean content on Amazon Prime Video. Here is the first Moviehooker list. DEATH’S GAME (SERIES) A man who commits suicide is met at the gates of Hell by Death. Death offers him the chance to live again but under one … Read more

Badland Hunters: South Korea Show Us Again How Action Is Done


Netflix has finally released the highly anticipated Ma Dong-seok action film Badland Hunters – and it was WAY better than I could ever have hoped for Ma Dong-seok is back, doing what he does best: smashing heads. Only in Badland Hunters – his weaponry goes way beyond his trademarked pulverising fists of justice —this time, … Read more



I am back with another list of upcoming South Korean tv shows I think you will want to check out. I hope you enjoy it. EVIL LIVE I am sure I have written about this one before but I think it was under a different name. Ah well, there’s no harm in adding it in … Read more

New South Korean Films To Look Forward To

New South Korean Films The Childe - A Moviehooker List

A new list of upcoming or recently released South Korean films for me to Hook You Up with! We really have some strong new South Korean Films coming our way soon. So much to be looking forward to including the brand new film from the writer of I Saw The Devil. Let’s get it it. … Read more

Through the Darkness: South Korea’s MINDHUNTER

Through the Darkness just arrived on Netflix, so if you’re still in the mood for some true crime serial killer drama then this is a must watch Sometimes it feels like there’s a team of South Korean Netflix researchers that are constantly looking to remake really big Netflix tv shows. It seemed that way with … Read more

Dr Brain review: I Saw The Devil Director Tackles South Korean Black Mirror-type series

Dr Brain Review

Yeah, you read that right! the writer/director of South Korean classics such as I Saw The Devil, A Bittersweet Life (Jee-woon Kim) has his own Apple TV mini-series called Dr Brain In a lot of ways, Dr Brain reminded me of the British TV series Black Mirror. You know, a subject that’s quite scary for … Read more

Information on the new South Korean Actioner, The Killer: The Woman Who Deserves to Die

The Killer

The Killer: The Woman Who Deserves to Die was just recently featured in a new South Korean movie list. I stated that out of all the films on that list, this one is my most anticipated. So, it’s a pleasure to share with you all the official press release. The storyline may sound a bit … Read more

Sweet Home & Squid Game: News on Popular South Korean Netflix Series’

Squid Game & Sweet Home

Good news for fans of the South Korean series’ Sweet Home and Squid Game A bit of a double-whammy today as we have news to report on both Squid Game and Sweet Home SWEET HOME We’re not only getting a much-needed season 2, folks but a season 2 & 3. Sweet Home tells the story … Read more

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