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In need of some new sci-fi? look no further! IFC Midnight has picked up the North American rights for new Russian sci-fi, SPUTNIK The directorial debut from Egor Abramenko, Sputnik was meant to have its premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival but due to this shit-storm pandemic, the film…

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HBO is bringing the H.P Lovecraft universe to life in new series LOVECRAFT COUNTRY HBO’s Lovecraft Country has just dropped a new trailer. The new series is produced by J.J Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions H.P Lovecraft was an American author that wrote some of the…

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Dark Sky Films to release new Russian sci-fi COMA This is the 2nd Russian sci-fi that I have written about recently. This is great news. Russia really delivers some breathtaking and original sci-fi. Even if they ain’t as dark and violent as I would hope for, their original approach is…

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