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Started With No Other Purpose Than To HOOK You All Up With Some Fine Viewing.

Moviehooker Is A Movie Recommendation Website. It Was Founded In 2013 By GARY GAMBLE Who Has Over 15-Years Experience Selling Movies.

Gary Gamble

I’ve worked my entire life in movie stores, I know nothing else.  When the company I worked for went bust I was left with no other choice but to take my knowledge and passion online. I hope you enjoy your visit and that you find the film you’re looking for. If not, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to hook you up.

Moviehooker is heavily focused on independent cinema, horror films, and world cinema and has gone on to become one of the leading names in South Korean cinema.

I try my hardest to push the smaller films that need some help as they don’t have the budget or press coverage as the big Hollywood blockbusters.

If you enjoy my content – would you like to make a small donation?

This will help with the costs of running the site.

All donations can be made payable via Paypal to moviehooker@gmail.com

19 thoughts on “About Moviehooker”

    1. So I gotta make up 11 random questions and send it to 11 random bloggers. Holy shit man I’m not sure if I know 11 bloggers . Sounds like fun though
      Just about to write a piece on new Japanese/Indonesian Serial killer flick called “killers” have you ever heard of it ?
      Also finally seen evil dead yesterday, I loved it man
      It had its downsides but the violence and gore made up for it.
      Hope u good in the hood, sweet on the street.

      1. Yup! I haven’t seen killers no, but I’ll be reading your shit when u post it thats for sure. Yup Evil Dead had its downsides but as you said, the gore really nails it down to a solid horror flick!

  1. Excellent, excellent site, I appreciate you view of films. I personally never go into very gory films, but you’ve definitely given me some awesome things to view like “Manilla Bay.” – I Saw The Devil and Un Prophete were both already in top ten, will watch “dead mans shoes” soon. Ok lets see; Have you seen “No Mercy” Korean Detective revenge thriller is gripping. “Chaser” Another Korean that’s probably as bloody as I go but the story is still very charged though brutal, the directing an pace is unbelievable. “Point Blank” French and awesome action film. I know you’ve seen “City of God” but “City of Men”, Elite Squad and then the sequal “Elite Squad: The Enemy Within”. “Revenge: A Love Story” (I think I saw it here on your site), “PIETA” korean, Pieta has to be the most eerie, slower (but now slow) off the wall movie that I just can’t ever forget (a bit of cannibalism, drama, revenge, whew), I would guess that you’ve seen “read my lips” with Vincent Cassel. “7 boxes” beautiful film, also a large thriller but more about character interaction and development. I have more, I’ll be back! lol

    1. Hey rarestwolf. I really appreciate the positive feedback on me site. Most of the other films you’ve mentioned, they’re already written about on my site. No mercy, chaser, elite squad, city of men, point blank (new point blank Korean remake on the way called the target). I haven’t seen Pieta (so thankyou) so I’ll be hunting that down.
      If you’re interested you can connect with moviehooker on Facebook. I’ve only 428 followers but the people I do have , they know their shit and we very a nice little community of film lovers. Even I’m always finding new stuff to watch, and I’ve seen so many films it would be impossible to count

      1. Breathless was great! I saw it maybe 4 months ago and though it had tough moments I loved it. I’m glad you saw Pieta! That move really messes with the mind, and when walking away from the film it was difficult to place and feel ok with, after giving it some time I realized that there was somehow a beauty in what happened to the debt collector, I also felt it had to happen after a while; Perhaps some people, after negatively impacting the lives of so many, realize they them being gone could bless the lives of others… He was a new kind of cruel lol!

  2. I could be wrong, but have you seen “Revenge: A Love Story”? I thought your site is what introduced me to the film, but I’ve entered it into your site’s search and it didn’t come up. “Revenge: A love story”…. is wild… rsuprising on the level with Pieta, except a thrilling chilling unfolding that resembles korean thrillers.

    1. It’s on the watch-list man. I’ve heard really good things about. Thanks for the heads-up on it though man, really appreciate it.

      I’ve got a new post coming soon. Got so much more new great movies to write about. Another foreign thriller/drama post and also a foreign horror post (some great horrors coing our way)

  3. There’s a new film that is near impossible to find with american subtitles (unless you order it from ebay and pay $16 in shipping), I’m sure you heard of it “Black Coal, Thin Ice” a chinese murder movie that won MANY awards this past year. Have you seen it? Also, do you scan each and every internet free movie site in order to find films or do you have some other method that gives you access to many? I’m have maybe 5 I’m really looking for, Blue Ruin is one, tough.

    And you are welcome, I can talk films ALL day.

    1. I have heard of “black coal, thin ice” and it’s on my imdb watch-list along with 70 other movies ;( but it shall take priority as it sounds unreal, and has got some brilliant reviews.
      Up until last year, I was pretty much in charge of an entire DVD/blu ray shop in Ireland. We got most of the world cinema titles in that I was looking for, and if our store didn’t have it, I could possibly order it from a supplier.
      I watched blue ruin in the cinema (and it was absolutely stunning)
      Netflix USA has some brilliant world cinema titles on it, loads more than you think. If there is a specific world cinema title you’re looking for you can phone up Netflix and request it (free phone).
      If you’re on Facebook, search moviehooker and give me a pm a ill hook ya up further.

  4. Man,This is my go to site for bad ass movies.I really appreciate it.I wish some of these foreign movies would be easier to find or release faster but Oh Well!

    1. Thank you so much man!! Really appreciate the kind words. Might be able to help you find some of those films. If youre on facebook then just search for moviehooker and aend me a pm. I be happy to hook you up!

      1. I wonder if a lot of people like these particular movies that you talk about.I’ve been loving movies since I was a kid in the late 80’s, I remember helping out the owners of a video store on Saturday mornings .As I removed the movies from the shelves before dusting I would read the back of the VHS cardboard box,then go on with my work.By noon I would be done and the lady would let me take 2 movies so I would go back and pick the most intriguing flicks.I would straighten out every movie except the ones I considered taking home.Since then I have watched way too many films, I got to the point where I felt like I watched all the good ones,lol.Until I found out about Korean thrillers a few years ago.After I watched Oldboy my mission was to own every good violent thriller that came from S. Korea.As a proud Movie Buff, that time period was exciting,I have to say that Memories of Murder might be my favorite one but there are a handful of great ones.I bought the movie poster for I Saw The Devil just cause I have never seen anything like it .And I have to agree that Martyrs is the greatest horror film ever.After watching that one I felt drained, I didnt watch another horror movie for a while not because I was scared but because I felt like I had been to Mt. Everest of Terror and everything else was not worth visiting.Now I patiently wait to get a good copy of the Babadook because this was a bad year for horror movies and there is nothing else in sight.I had checked out this site earlier in the year and even though I had seen most of the movies that you reviewed I saved the page because the movies that you generally talk about are the ones I love.I told my girlfriend that We need to see Metro Manila,we checked out the Taking of Deborah and she was freaked out! Well I wont take anymore of your time and hope you enjoy the rest of the year.I will check out Nightcrawler on Sunday and If there is any movies that I think you might like I will let you know.

        1. I was the same as a kid. I spent most of my day hanging around a video shop, reading the backs of covers and waiting for them to throw out the posters so I could grab them and decorate my room. Then I had the pleasure of working in video stores and done so then for well over a decade. To answer your question, I’d say not enough people watch these sorts of movies. I think people are scared of subtitles, or that’s how it seems. Like yourself, I was a huge movie fan in the late 80’s so it was only a matter of time before it had seen everything film had to offer. That’s when I started looking at world cinema, opened a complete different world of film to me.

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