Director Park Hoon-jung’s “Night in Paradise” to premiere at the 77th Venice Film Festival

Director Park Hoon-jung is back with a new gangster movie.

He is the writer of the thriller “I Saw the Devil” and crime drama “The Unjust”, both released in 2010.

His directorial debut was in 2011, with history drama “The Showdown”, after that, he has been doing more action films, like “New World”, “V.I.P”, “The Witch. Part 1. The Subversion” and the period drama “The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale”, which were massive successes in Korea.

“Night in Paradise” is the only Korean film to be invited to the Italian Film Festival this year, according to the film’s local distributor Next Entertainment World.


“Tae-gu, the ace of a criminal gang led by Mr. Yang, tries to clean up his life for his sick sister and nephew. Then one day, his sister and nephew are killed in an accident by someone who aimed for Tae-gu. Tae-gu decides to take revenge in shock. In the end, he removes the boss of another gang, and runs away to Jeju Island. Without knowing that his gang has already abandoned him, he meets Kuto and his niece, Jae-yeon who look after Tae-gu. Jae-yeon is dying from an illness, while Tae-gu intuitively feels the danger coming close. Things are getting tangled up, and Jae-yeon and Tae-gu, who have no desire to live, start to feel pity for each other.”

Director’s Statement

“The story, which begins with a targeted man retreating to a paradise-like island, depicts a plot stained with bloody revenge, the exact opposite of the mise-en-scène rich with beautiful seas and blue skies. I hope audiences will enjoy the irony of the background and story.”

Festival Director Alberto Barbera said:

“Night in Paradise is one of the best gangster movies coming from South Korean cinema in recent years.

Park Hoon-jung is an director that deserves full attention for his ability to combine the writing of original screenplays with the creation of complex characters that are never stereotypical, together with impressive and masterly directorial skills.

His name will certainly be heard even more in the future.”

Next Entertainment World

Director Park said:

“I captured the beautiful Jeju sea and sky, and told a story stained with bloodshed.

I hope the audience finds it interesting to see the contrast between the setting and the story.” 

Next Entertainment World

“Night in Paradise” is directed by Park Hoon-jung.

Features: Um Tae-goo, Jeon Yeo-bin, Cha Seung-won, Lee Ki-young, Park Ho-san and Cho Dong-in.

The 77th Venice International Film Festival runs from Sept. 2 to Sept. 12. 

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