Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About – Part 3

New Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About Part 3

Although I am a little late but as promised, here’s my Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About – Part 3 – Fantasia Film Festival Special
CLICK HERE if you missed the movies from parts 1&2. I hope you enjoy.


Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About – Part 3: IDOL – South Korea

As you all know by now, I am a huge fan, follower and advocate of South Korean cinema, especially films of the more twisted and darker nature.

Idol takes us back to when South Korean revenge cinema was at its very best..or that’s how they’re marketing it anyway. It worked, I am sold.

The plot really doesn’t sound anything like a revenge movie but as you know, South Korean cinema can get really crazy in the blink of an eye. The film follows a politician who arrives home one night to find his wife cleaning bloodstains off of their son’s car. Instead of doing the right thing, their actions that night start of a chain of events…expect the body-count to rise drastically.

This is director Su-jin Lee’s second feature with the first being the superbHan Gong-ju.


Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About – Part 3: KILLERMAN – USA

It is always great to see an actor take on a role that throws him/her out of their comfort zone and approach darker and daring character-driven roles.

Killerman is the second feature-film from Cash Only writer/director Malik Bader. Cash Only was an explosive and gritty directorial debut. In fact, Cash Only still stands to me as one of the best indie crime movies of recent years. So, if you are reading this and you have not seen his impressive debut, you know what you got to do.

Liam Hemsworth takes on the leading role in Killerman. A film about a money launderer who wakes up with no memory and a lot of stolen money and drugs. He must try and piece together what happened while trying to evade capture from a gang of crazy crooked cops.


Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About -Part 3: THE GANGSTER, THE COP & THE DEVIL

Sticking with South Korea, The Gangster, The Cop, And The Devil looks just as promising as the above-mentioned movie, Idol.

The film follows a crime boss who is the only ever person to escape from a serial killer and live to tell the tale. He then forms an unlikely partnership with a detective to bring down the serial killer.

South Korean cinema just ain’t as raw and daring as it used to be. We want back revenge films on par with I Saw The Devil or The Chaser.
However, we have been introduced to some great talent and Ma Dong-seok is one of those I am glad to see in leading roles.

Starring Ma Dong-seok, Kim Mu-yeol and Kim Sung-kyu. Directed by Lee Won-tae


Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About – Part 3: THE WRETCHED – USA

We have seen quite the rise in horror movies with witches, and that is not a bad thing. Recent films like The Witch, Haguuza and more recently, new horror western The Pale Door prove that there is a lot of new horror territory to explore in this terrifying sub-genre.

The Wretched sounds like it could be a lot of fun. It follows a young boy who realises that a witch is living beneath the skin and posing as his next door neighbour. Sort of sounds like Fright Night, only with a witch instead of a vampire. I am so ok with that comparison.

Directed and written by Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce who gave us the ridiculously stupid but hugely enjoyable Deadheads (2011).


Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About – Part 3: DREAMLAND -USA, Canada, Luxembourg, Belgium

This is a film I know will make a lot of people happy. Dreamland is the new horror comedy from Bruce McDonald (Pontypool). The film follows a hitman who is tasked with chopping off the pinky finger of a trumpet player before he plays at a wedding reception. What seems like a straight-forward assignment turns into hell on earth as he encounters all sorts of strange beings in a nightclub called Al Qaeda including vampires and a drug-addicted child bride.

The above premise sounds really crazy. What adds to this madness is an insane cast including Stephen McHattie, Henry Rollins, Juliette Lewis and Tómas Lemarquis. This is one film I can not wait to see.


It is not very often we hear of horror movies coming out of South Africa. This is exactly what we have with Harold Holscher‘s, 8

William Ziel is left with no choice but to move his family to an old farm that he inherited off of his father who recently died. Not long after they arrive they meet a man called Lazarus. Lazarus worked on the farm and was the man who looked after William’s father when he was sick. The family’s new friend also carries around with him a dark secret. The bag that Lazarus is always carrying is the home of a demon child who has an uncontrollable thirst for human souls.

This sounds quite original and having the South African backdrop really sets this one apart from your normal creature-feature.

8 will have its world premiere at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival.

That’s it for Part Three. I hope you enjoyed the list and that I have hooked you up with some fine future viewing. As always, thanks for reading.

Word by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese/SlaveToTheGrave @ Moviehooker

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