Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is looking to avenge his daughter’s death in new action-packed film, The Foreigner

Jackie ChanJackie Chan is one of the greats and there isn’t much the man can’t do when it comes to action. I have watched his films countless times (he was my Gran’s hero and one of my first introductions to cinema. RIP Gran).  What we see on-screen is jaw-dropping, but the real madness comes from behind the scenes. Jackie Chan still does his own stunts and they’re just as impressive now, as they were decades ago.

The Foreigner puts Jackie Chan up against an enemy he has never dealt with before in movies: The IRA

As some of you know, I am from Northern Ireland, so this bombing malarky is the sort of shit that happened throughout the years. Even to this day, I still get people asking me “what was it like growing up during ‘The Troubles‘?”. Everyone thought that Northern Ireland was a war zone, and I guess it was, but when you’re born into something you just learn to get on with things. It was important you didn’t let the bitterness and hatred, the cause of endless suffering of families…from both sides to swallow you up and flow through your veins.

The Foreigner tells the story of a Chinese restaurant owner who gets revenge on the IRA (Irish Republican Army) after his daughter’s life is taken in a bomb attack in England.

The Foreigner is based on a novel called The Chinaman by Stephen Leather that was first published in 1992. The film co-stars Pierce BrosnanLiu Tao and Katie Leung.

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Expect to catch The Foreigner real soon.

Enjoy the trailer and thanks for reading

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