Suspiria Director Luca Guadagnino To Direct New Scarface Movie

There have been rumours of a new reimagining of Scarface for some time now but things have been quiet. Now Deadline can confirm that the new Scarface will be directed by Luca Guadagnino

Luca Guadagnino who directed the remake of Dario Argento’s horror classic, Suspiria in 2018. has signed on to direct the film for Universal Pictures

I can already hear people starting to complain about a new Scarface. Why do we need another Scarface? the original is a masterpiece and they should just leave it alone. Well…most of those who complain probably don’t know that the Al Pacino Scarface released in 1983 directed by Brian De Palma…was also a remake. The original Scarface was released in 1932. Both films are very different with the 1932 version focusing on an Italian gangster who makes his way to the top of the mob chain in Chicago. And, I am sure you all know, the Pacino remake dealt with a Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana and his rise to the top of the cocaine drug trade. So, really, the only similarity between the two is they both feature crazy power-hungry criminals trying to make it to the top of whatever crime they’re connected to.

Joel & Ethan Cohen have penned the script

The new Scarface will be a mix of both the 1932 and the 1983 versions and will also be set in Los Angeles. Now, come on! what’s not to like about that news?

The first two had were made nearly 50-years apart. So, that’s why De Palma was able to make an updated remake with new characters. Times change, just like they have done between 1983 -to 2020. I think we have had enough madness since 1983 to create a brand new Scarface, don’t you?

No word as of yet about who will be playing the iconic character. If you had your choice, who would like to see as our lead for the new film?

I will update this article whenever more news is announced. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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