UPDATED: Juan Rambo Is Back To Take Down The Mexican Cartels in The Trailer For RAMBO 5: LAST BLOOD

Rambo to take-down a Mexican drug cartel in RAMBO 5. We now have the first trailer to share with you all – it’s great to see the master of action back!

Everyone’s favourite down-on-their-luck Vietnam war veteran is back.

The fifth instalment of the hugely popular action franchise will see John Rambo travel to Mexico to start a one-man-war against a violent drug cartel. With the huge rise of Americanised Mexican cartel films and TV shows, it makes perfect sense for Mexico to be the perfect killing ground for Rambo.


Deadline reported. Not much of the plot has been revealed, but it’s not that we need much of a plot, do we?. One of Rambo’s daughter’s friends has been kidnapped by a nasty Mexican drug cartel. John Rambo leaves his cushy ranch life and crosses the border into Mexico…and well, you know what happens next…the body count will rise at a gourious pace.

The last Rambo movie was just fantastic. It was brutal AF, just the way an action movie should be. As you all know, I’m not the biggest fan of The Expendables, but when a Rambo movie gets announced, it’s hard for me not to get excited. Another promising factor, although it has not been confirmed is that Stallone may be directing.

This franchise has come a long way since the first Rambo movie was released back in 1982. The great thing about this franchise is that each instalment is usually years apart. Every time a Rambo movie is released, it feels fresh and it always delivers the mayhem and brutality.  Unlike the watered-down action from The Expendables, Rambo movies are always brutal AF.

Some official pictures for RAMBO 5: LAST BLOOD

Rambo 5
Rambo 5
Rambo 5
Rambo 5


Words by Gary Gamble

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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