Worst Of Evil: Undercover Cops Infiltrate Drug Ring In Twist Fuled, Nail-Bitin’, K Drama

Worst of Evil blends the chaotic mayhem while delivering top-notch drama.

Worst of Evil follows some cops chosen to go undercover to infiltrate a huge drug ring between South Korea, China & Japan. In proper Infernal Affairs fashion, the deeper these people go undercover, the harder it is to find their way back to the right side of the law

The series kicks off with one of the most epic and vicious opening scenes I have ever witnessed for the big screen or the small screen.

It’d remind you of a cross between the hammer scene in Oldboy and the machete-wielding madness we got, The Raid. It opens with a clash between gangs. All of them crammed into a tiny hallway with axes, machetes, iron bats and bars. If you’re a fan of The Raid or that epic Oldboy scene then Worst of Evil is for you. It masterfully blends beautifully choreographed mayhem. Also, it delivers an amazingly written drama with the vibes & brilliance of Infernal Affairs (later remade as The Departed).

I really want to keep the story details to a bare minimum here. The less you know going in, the more it’s going to blow your mind. There have been a few scenes where I have gasped for air at a reveal or twist. Worst Of Evil is so well written, it is frighteningly good. I am beyond hooked.

The last episode released was episode 9. It takes us right back to the opening scene from episode one. This time it takes us completely through the events that led up to the gang massacre. The thing is, as much as that opening scene was epic, we didn’t know who was who. All we see are axes and machetes flying. We don’t know if it’s cops or gangsters. It was just mayhem. Now, we know exactly who everybody is. This makes this crazy massacre 100x more gripping as we know now who is doing the killing…and more importantly, why?

The Gang-Bangers of Worst of Evil

You can check out the first 9 Episodes of Worst Of Evil on Disney Plus (UK/Ireland). There are two epic episodes released each Wednesday. I have no idea how many episodes we have left but this is something I don’t want to end.

Starring Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Im Se-mi & Bibi.

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