Best Of Amazon Prime Horror PART TWO!

OK, so I am back with the next instalment for – Best Of Horror On Amazon Part 2. There are 188 pages of horror movies on Prime, so this could end up being a monster of an article. Part three to follow, I hope you enjoy.


Matt Dillon takes on his darkest role to date as a serial killer in Lars Von Triers, The House That Jack Built.

An acquired taste, blunt, nasty and brutal af. If you’re familiar with Von Trier’s style of filmmaking then you will find a lot to love about this one.

Dillon is fantastic and although what we are seeing onscreen is some of the nastiest kills to come out of the serial killer sub-genre in recent years, it is also darkly comical. I found myself giggling to scenes that probably shouldn’t have been funny. That’s Matt Dillion for you, the man is just a joy to watch.


This really reminded me of Spanish Thriller, Sleep Tight, which, as you know is one of my favourite horror films. There are similarities but the tone and pace are far different from Sleep Tight.

An estate agent called Hussein is targeted by a man who sleeps in between the walls of his small, cramped London apartment.

When Hussien is at home, the creep is inside of walls or laying under his bed listening to everything that goes on. When Hussein leaves for work, our creepo is doing some of the nastiest shit you can imagine. He wants to destroy Hussien…and he is doing a great job at it.


This still remains one of my favourite creature-features. From what I can remember, it is also based on a terrifying true story.

Two tourists who are travelling through the Australian Outback get capsised on a swamp. They become the next meal menus for one giant Croc (or Gator).

Minimal cast, and not a lot of gruesomeness that you’d expect from a creature-feature. It is seriously tense though, it reminded me of Open Water (which I know a lot you hated) only with a giant croc instead of sharks.


Directed and co-written by none other than Guillermo Del Toro. Released in 2001, The Devil’s Backbone was sure proof that Del Toro was going to be a key player in the horror industry.

Set during the Spanish civil war, The Devil’s Backbone tells the tragic story of a young orphaned boy named Carlos. After losing his father in the war he is thrown into failing and rundown orphanage.

There’s a constant threat of war always overshadowing the orphanage, an unexploded bomb lying in the middle of their play area. It’s not a nice place, but the people who run it really try to help the children as best they can. As if the desolate and dangerous orphanage wasn’t enough, Carlos is then haunted by the ghost of a murdered orphan. This ghost tells Carlos that there will be many deaths as the war is approaching fast.


Although I am sure that everyone and their grandmothers have seen Wolf Creek, it still makes my Best of Amazon Horror Part 2 as it still remains one of my favourites to this day.

Two tourists are attacked, captured and tortured by a hardcore, insane version of Crocodile Dundee.

I am pretty sure Wolf Creek was one of the first horror movies with a minimal cast. Back then, I was so used to seeing (and loving) a huge body-count. Even though there were only two victims in Wolf Creek, by the end of this nasty little Ozzy flick, I really wanted at them to survive.


Ok, I have not seen this one in years. I do remember this one being one of the better possession films though. A young country girl gets possessed by a demon and her parents try and fight to save her soul and bring her back from the devil’s unholy.

Nothing new at all in regards to an original plot but Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) was so damn good. I found this to be more unsettling than The Exorcist, but as I said, it has been years since I have seen it. I don’t know who well it has aged.


Another Australian flick, and another creature-feature with crocs. Rogue though, unlike Black Water offers us plenty of crocs munching humans.

The usual story of a group of tourist who gets capsized and ends up targeted by a giant man-eating croc.

This had some great FX. It is far from scary but it is a lot of fun with a lot of annoying characters that you love watching getting torn to shreds.


Directed and co-written by Ben Wheatley. Starring Michael Smiley and Neil Maskell as two hitmen who receive a kill-list of hits. The further they go down the list the further they both descend into madness.

Again, I don’t think this film will be for everyone but if you enjoyed movies like The Wicker Man, then maybe you should give it s shot.


I Am Not A Serial Killer is a black horror/comedy about a teenager called John Cleaver who is obsessed with death and serial killers. In fact, he is at counselling because his mother (who works in a morgue) can see his lack of empathy for living things, he has all of the traits of a budding serial killer.

When a serial killer starts to kill in his hometown, Max is both fascinated and scared that he is going to go down for the murders. He sets out to find out who the killer suspects it’s his neighbour, Mr Crowley (Christopher Llyod) while trying to keep his own homicidal tendencies locked away inside of him.


Excision is an unusual horror movie if even a horror movie at all. The story of a teen girl who goes to desperate lengths to please her controlling and possessive mother.

This is another film that I would say would not be for everyone. It’s very macabre, arty and full of icky scenes. Another flick I believe would not be for everyone.

That’s it for The Best Of Amazon Horror Part 2. Make sure to check back soon for part 3. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble 
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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