Borat 2 Review: Just As Fucked Up As The First – Only Twice The Fun

When the news broke that Sacha Baron Cohen had secretly shot a new Borat movie it was like a dream come true

After checking out the official trailer, yeah, I laughed but to be honest, I was far from convinced. Within 5 minutes of the opening credits I knew I was wrong and Baron Cohen has once again fooled the fine folk of the U.S & A.

After the first Borat movie, Kazakhstan’s humble hero has been sentenced to a life of hard labour. Why?…for making a mockery of the fine people of his country. All is forgiven when he is called upon by his government to deliver a monkey to the Vice Premier of the U.S & A. When Borat arrives, his 15-year-old daughter has smuggled herself in the same cage as Johnny the Monkey.

I was uncertain about the daughter story and thought the trailer seemed somewhat forced. But, man, I was so glad I was wrong. Maria Bakalova plays Tutar Sagdiyev and she is every bit as good and funny as Borat. In true Borat nature, the stuff she gets up to is just as cringe and disgusting as her loving father.

Basically, after they are unable to deliver the monkey, and to avoid an excruciating death back home, Borat is given permission to offer his 15-year-old daughter as a gift. I am not gonna go into this, but even with that description, you should be able to tell how wrong everything you will witness is going to be.

For those who are wondering how Borat is able to walk around without people noticing who he is?.

Well, I am sure that you’re aware that Baron Cohen is a true master of disguise. He spends a lot of time as Borat but he changes into different personalities throughout the film.

So, what are you waiting for?

The new Borat movie is now available to stream on Amazon Prime. Enjoy the awkward laughs. Happy Friday everyone.

As always, thanks for reading.

Words by GG
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker


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