Cube – A Jail or a Social Experiment?

Cube: The Japanese remake of the very well-known Canadian film cult of the same name.

Original will always hold a special place in my heart. But if I have to be honest, it hasn’t aged well.

In this new Cube, we have really different characters. With some strong background that helps in the development of the main story at the same time as their personal ones.

The 6

The 6 are:

Hiroshi Ide, 41 years old – Mechanic

Kazumasa Ando, 61 years old – Corporate Executive

Shinji Ochi, 31 years old – Part Time Job

Chiharu Uno, 13 years old – Student

Yuichi Goto, 29 years old – Engineer

Kai Asoko, 37 years old – Staff Group

In the original, the atmosphere is decadent.

Feels more like a jail and they are trapped because they have something they have to “pay for”.

Everything runs too quickly, they find solutions right away. Some deaths seem to be “dumb” (especially the one of the “expert”).

This remake gives us a better understanding of their personal demons. In a way, it tells you how is that they ended up there.

Definitely feels like a social experiment, instead of a prison.

We can see more traps, and how they are struggling between them.

The “answers” or “solutions” come slower and are well thought out.

On the downside, if you are not familiar with Japanese cinema, sometimes they tend to be really cheesy and over the top with the acting and it could be a turn-off for some.

From time to time the main character, Goto, overreacts. Even in scenes that are supposed to be very sad, same with Ochi.

You can tell what is going to happen because of the facial expressions. But after a while, you can get used to it.

Original, now that I’ve rewatched it… can say that the acting is a bit cringy too.


This Cube makes you wonder if is a way of giving them a “second chance” in life, instead of punishing them.

They not only have to face their inner demons or something they feel guilty about but to explore who they really are as humans.

In the end, is a story about humans that made some mistakes and are pushed to their limits, is all up to them. 

If they can work as a team and overcome their fears, they could get another chance, not only to be free from there but to start a new life free of those things that were holding them back.

Cube is currently available on Amazon Prime Japan. Will be released in the US, later this year.


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