Films To Check Out On Amazon Prime Before They’re Gone

Here is a list of films that have a limited time on Amazon Prime. There is a little bit of everything and hopefully something for everyone. I hope you enjoy, let’s get cracking!


This film has been running around my brain for the last few months. There is also an Amazon Original called Undone that uses very similar animation to what we see in the adaptation of Phillip K Dick’s, A Scanner Darkly.

Directed by Richard Linklater and starring an all-star cast including Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrellson, Wynona Ryder, and Robert Downey Jnr.

The film focuses on a cop that is investigating a new, weird, dangerous and mind-altering drug.


I had the pleasure of reviewing Danish indie flick Darkland when it was it played at Fantasia International Film Festival

The film tells the story of Ziad, a surgeon who takes a dark path of vengeance when his brother is killed by a local gang.

My only complaint would be some pacing issues but if you can see past that then there is a lot to love about Darkland


One of the finest comedies I have seen in quite a while. Starring Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C Reilly. The film all takes place inside one apartment and would make an awesome play if one hasn’t already been made.

An incident with a child ignites the war to end all wars between to prove whose child is innocent.


This one has been on my watchlist for a long time. It is one of those movies that I knew that would grim, so I need to be in a “grim” sort of state of mind to want to watch it

At the end of World War 2, Danish soldiers have captured the remaining Nazi’s soldiers. But these Nazis aren’t like anything we have previously seen in movies, they are children. There are scared and frightened children with most of them clueless to why they were fighting in the first place.

These kids are tasked with the impossible mission of deactivating over 2 million live mines that the Nazis planted during the war. With very little training they sent out knowing that any minute could be their last.


Starring Saoirse Ronan & Gemma Arterton and directed by Interview With The Vampire director Neil Jordan. Byzantium is an unusual yet refreshing take on the vampire tale.

Two female vampires take refuge in a small coastal seaside town. The oldest of the two runs a brothel to lure and kill her victims while the youngest vampire takes a more sympathetic approach to kill her victims.

This is a superior vampire film that and a much-needed injection of darkness into a sub-genre that Hollywood has left an unforgivable stench on.


You don’t have to look at Joker to know that Joaquin Phoenix is a tremendous actor. Buffalo Soldiers was released in 2001 and the guy was just as good to watch back then as he is now.

The film focuses on Ray Elwood, an American soldier that operates a Blackmarket organisation when stationed in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

That is it for this list of Films with A Limited Time On Amazon Prime. I hope you check out the ones you haven’t seen before they’re gone. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker


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