The Boys: The Boys season 3 boldly goes where no show has gone before

Well, Holy Fu*kin’ Sh*t-Balls of Green Ear Goop! what an absolutely fantastic season we just got! We just didn’t get enough of it! 8-episode seasons are just too short. One thing though, yeah, there are only 8-episodes but OH MY GOD, each episode was crazy good.

This article will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for The Boys, both the series and graphic novels. If you don’t wanna know…do not read any further!. You have been warned

I honestly think that Amazon Prime has really delivered the best, and most daring tv show to date. There are no words in the English language to describe some of the absolute madness that season 3 delivered. From that insane opening where a tiny wee Supe (obviously based on Ant-Man) travels up a man’s penis to give him the ultimate pleasure. Seconds later, the little dude sneezes and returns to his full size, which causes the guy he was inside of to explode into a bloody pile of liquid mush. Then, The Deep goes where no Bond has gone before and shows us the true meaning of Octopussy. Not to mention, the Supes’ yearly sex event – Herogasm (poor MM). I mean, this has to be some of the weirdest yet most graphic, hilarious, hardcore stuff we’ve ever seen on TV.

And on top of all the insanely offbeat and dark af humour, The Boys S03 is the darkest and most gruesome season yet.

Homelander is without a shadow of a doubt, the best villain EVER from a tv show. And, hats off to Anthony Starr for embodying and giving us the perfect truth behind The American Dream: The American Nightmare. Also, with that cliffhanger ending, we know we also got us a Lil Brightburn – I think I will call him Brightlander. Yup, little Ryan has now joined forces with his pops and we already know that he is going to be one evil piece of sh*t.

There will always be those people who hate the changes they have made to the original graphic novels.

In case you didn’t know when Garth Ennis wrote the graphic novels, he based Hughie’s character on Simon Pegg. But when The Boys was finally getting a live-action adaptation, Pegg was too old to play the character – that’s why he is Hughie’s dad.

The one thing that did annoy me a bit was Queen Maeve’s changes.

In the original graphic novels, she is blonde and looks like the bastard child of Barbie and Wonder Woman. Her name should be spelt “Queen Méabh”. Her character is based on an old Irish warrior (Her tomb can be visited in Knocknarea, Co Sligo). So, in the comics she is blonde, in the series, she has red hair and the actress who plays her is also Irish.

Here’s my thing: would it of been so hard to just let her have her Irish accent? I mean, they even gave her an Irish Ginger Bap (Red Hair). And, if her name was spelt in Irish, we would’ve seen a huge spike in people searching about the Irish language. That makes sense to me. In the graphic novels, Queen Méabh also doesn’t make it out alive after her battle with Homelander – she is decapitated but still saves Starlight. I’m glad we saw her alive at the end, she is a cool character and I wasn’t ready to see her go.

Black Noir’s story was also changed which seemed to anger a Hell of a lot of viewers.

To be honest, I sort of agree here. You see, in the comics – Black Noir isn’t just some sort of Silent-Knight-Mute-Ninja, he is the supe ACTUALLY involved in the rape of Butcher’s wife, Becca. In issue #65 of The Boys, it is revealed that Noir is a clone of Homelander and framed Homelander for the crime. Does this mean Homelander is innocent?… absolutely fu*kin’ not. That’s one Hell of a twist, I am a little sad Noir is gone…or is he?. For all we know, he could regenerate or grow a new brain.

The main change I think fits better than the time it was written is the state of our present day.

Our shameful attention-driven society and world that we live in have never been so full of fake smiles, egotistical, narcissistic assholes. I honestly believe that The Boys is far more suited to our present-day than when it was released in 2006. The way the show always takes digs at celebs or the MCU/DCU is just bang-on-the-money.

I will be eagerly waiting season 4 – there’s still so much more to be done and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Now that the painful wait is on for season 4, I am happy to tell you that we will get a brand new spin-off series. I can confirm that it is already halfway through filming and will focus on young supes at a Vought-run school for superheroes. This could be really good or could be terrible. It sort of worries me that there’s no backbone and it is all fresh ideas (which don’t come close to the genius of Ennis’ writing). Look at that diabolical spinoff they did of The Walking Dead. It could very easily be like that…only with supes. As soon as I find out, I will let you guys know.

As always, thanks for reading


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