Tired Of Superheroes? Check The Ultraviolent Antichrist Of The Genre In The Trailer For THE BOYS

So, you all know that I am not the biggest fan of superhero movies, right?. What if I told you about a new ultraviolent series about to hit Amazon that may be the antichrist or the perfect spin on the over-populated sub-genre.

This series is called The Boys and it’s brought to us by Garth Ennis, creator of Preacher. And, just like Preacher, this series was also developed for the small-screen by Seth Rogen, & Evan Goldberg. The Boys also adds Eric Kripke to the list as one of the co-creators.

Set between the years 2006-2008, The Boys is set in a world where superheroes exist among us mortal beings. But unlike nearly every superhero movie in existence, these superheroes take advantage and abuse their superpowers putting the world at risk along with countless human casualties.

A team of bad-ass ex-military is then put together. Their job: to tackle the superhero problem and save the Earth before the big-headed egotistical superhero assholes lead them all to extinction.

I seriously love that this is getting picked up by Amazon. The graphic novels had a short life-span of just a lousy fucking 6 issues. It was then cancelled because of some DC big-wigs. They hated that Ennis approached his story from an anti-superhero point of view. The comics were printed by Wildstorm, who also printed the DC comics. DC had the power to pull the plug. It was later picked up by Dynamite Entertainment and released as a collected edition.

The Boys Cast
Karl Urban, Chace Crawford, Jennifer Esposito, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Nathan Mitchell, Antony Starr and Jack Quaid.

The Boys premieres on Amazon July 26th

More information to follow as it is announced. As always thanks for reading. Enjoy the trailer.

The Boys Official Trailer.

The Boys premieres on Amazon July 26th


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