Three, Fantasia Festival 2016

Fantasia Festival Continues It’s Reign Of Awesome Movies With Jonnie To’s New Actioner, Three.

Fantasia Festival is huge when it comes to Asian cinema. Some of the best names working in Asian cinema have their movies featured at Fantasia each year. Three is the new feature film from veteran Hong Kong director, Jonnie To.

The film is called Three as it focuses on Three main characters.

A criminal gets shot in the head during a bust and is taken to hospital for medical attention. He has a plan though, he refuses treatment to stall his arrest. This is to give his cronies enough time to break him out, even with a bullet lodged in his brain.

Three, film Image

We have the cop who desperately wants the criminal behind bars. He tries to make things right with his job as he is in big trouble for not playing by the rules and is responsible for shooting the criminal in the head.  As we all know, most bad-ass cops, in movies abide by their own violent brand of law enforcement, our lead in Three is now different.

Then we have the young beautiful doctor, who has her own personal agenda  for wanting to save the criminal. She see’s this as an opportunity to redeem herself from recent surgical mistakes.

Then we have our main criminal, bullet in the brain, and he thinks that this is best day ever. His cocky attitude makes him unaware of the seriousness of his condition. If  he keeps refusing the surgery then chances are his wound will rupture and he will suffer a brain hemorrhage and die.

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I found when the action arrived, it didn’t look that great, and I was a bit disappointed. I really felt that it looked rushed.

You see no gunshots entering anyone’s body, just a cloud of red mist that quickly disappears, leaving no bullet wound on the victim. It sort of felt like To just got the freemium version of Hollywood FX from the app/android store and tried it out.

I also thought that the music was strange choice for this type of action movie. I have felt this way before about other Asian movies. I am aware that this is down to personal taste and is nothing against the filmmaker or composers.


A solid film that is well worth your time and a must see for fans of To or Asian action cinema. Full of great stand-out performances from all Three lead characters. I did feel let down with certain aspects of the movie but that doesn’t mean that you’ll feel the same way.

Some of To’s previous films include  ElectionElection 2 (aka Triad Election),  Triangle , Vengeance, Full Time Killer , Drug War and  Blind Detective.


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