Fantasia Festival screened Seoul Station, the new animated zombie movie from Sang-Ho Yeon


Like most films playing at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival, Seoul Station has featured on Moviehooker before.  I am sure you all know by now how dedicated we are in bringing you the best in South Korean cinema, you can add Seoul Station to the list.

As part of our Fantasia Festival coverage, we got to review the hugely anticipated animated South Korean zombie film. This is the third animated feature from Sang-ho Yeon (The King Of Pigs, The Fake).


So, was it any good?

Seoul Station Fantasia 2016 ZOMBIE MOVIE reviewThe story is a simple, straight forward zombie with a political meaning. Like a lot of South Korean movies Seoul Station touches on political corruption , unlawful evictions, and homelessness.

The animation is just stunning, you often forget that what you’re watching is an animated feature. Not that there is anything wrong with that but Seoul Station really does have the feel of a live-action zombie movie.

We never get to see how the virus starts, not that we need a reason, right?. The film starts with a homeless man walking through the streets of the South Korean capital holding his neck. He is trying to stop the bleeding from some sort of wound  (yes, you’ve guess it , a zombie bite) but his efforts are useless as blood seeps through his fingers.

When he meets his brother it ain’t long before he makes the inevitable change and becomes one of the undead. This is the start of the zombie epidemic and things get hectic, really fast.

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Meanwhile, a runaway daughter and her pimp boyfriend are trying to survive the outbreak. The daughter get seperated, and her father sets  out to find her in the middle of the zombie epidemic

If your’e a fan of zombie movies then Seoul Station really does deliver the goods. It’s nail-biting, gripping, unpredictable  and extremely tense.

Seoul Station is the first of two movies. Not a lot of people know this, but Train To Busan acts as a live-action sequel to Seoul Station.

Train To busan is currently taking the internet by storm. It had its premiere at Cannes Festival and also showed at this year’s Fantasia Festival. Train To Busan marks the first live-action film from director Sang-ho Yeon.



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