Remake Of Korean Hitman Movie Man From Nowhere Ordered At New Line

Deadline have reported that New Line have snatched the remake rights to Lee Jeong-beom’s 2010 hitman classic, The Man From Nowhere.

man from nowhereThe Man from Nowhere. The action-paced , amazingly choreographed film will be getting the remake treatment. ….is this a good idea?

I am not so sure. I will be following it all the way , and will hope that this new version will do the original some justice. The truth is that it’s way too early to be playing, judge, jury and executioner

I just can’t see The Man From Nowhere being transformed for a western audience though. I think the non-asian version already sounds like Leon: The Professional.

I found the first film to one of the best Asian action movies out there. I think that has a lot to do with the style of filmmaking, something I don’t think will work with a non-Asian cast or director.

I could be wrong, and whoever is in charge of this film may have some seriously nice plans in-store for us. I will look forward to hooking you all up with all developments regarding The Man From Nowhere remake.

As always, thanks so much for reading.


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