Info On New Steve Buscemi Serial Killer Movie

Steve Buscemi serial killer drama - Moviehooker news

Well, here is some fantastic news for us genre fans. Steve Buscemi plays a serial killer in the upcoming movie The Shallow Tale Of A Writer Who Decided To Write About A Serial Killer Yes, you read that headline right. Steve Buscemi stars alongside John Magaro and Britt Lower in The Shallow Tale Of A Writer … Read more


deadland press release moviehooker

We are happy to share the press release for upcoming thriller DEADLAND from Lightbulb Film Distribution – Check it out below. Lightbulb Film Distribution are pleased to share the poster and trailer for supernatural thriller Deadland.Directed by Lance Larson, an award-winning writer and producer, starring Roberto Urbina (Snowpiercer), Julieth Restrepo (Griselda), McCaul Lombardi (American Honey) and Chris Mulkey (Whiplash). Larson’s debut feature had its world … Read more

Exhibit A: Forgotten Greats No.3

Exhibit A movie - Forgotten Greats - A Moviehooker List

Part 3 of Moviehooker’s Forgotten Greats is the fantastic found footage crime drama Exhibit A. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 here Okay, I will start off by saying that Exhibit A will certainly not be for everyone. The style of filming requires a deep understanding of how the found footage sub-genre exactly works: It ain’t pretty, it’s … Read more

THE FIRST OMEN: Witness The Birth Of A Damn Good Reboot

The First Omen Review - Moviehooker

If you’re a horror fan then chances are The Omen could be one of your all-time favourites.  So, when the news of a new Omen movie came out it had most of us all roll our eyes in disgust. Please leave our beloved classics alone, right? Did we not learn anything from Exorcist: Believer? But sometimes, we hardcore fans do get it wrong, and … Read more

Kill List: Forgotten Greats No.2

Kill List - Forgotten Great No 2 Moviehooker

For part 2 of Moviehooker’s Forgotten Greats, I have chosen Ben Wheatley’s classic cult horror Kill List. For part one, The Perfect Host – Click here Released in 2011, Kill List is a British folk horror in the style of The Wicker Man. Starring Neil Maskell and Michael Smiley, it tells the story of two hitmen who take on … Read more

Remembering the Forgotten Greats: The Perfect Host (2010)

The Perfect HOST

I am back with a new series of articles on movies I think have been forgotten about and need a little cinematic resurgence. First up is the brilliant David Hyde Pierce starring flick The Perfect Host  The Perfect Host – Forgotten Great No.1 The Perfect Host stars David Hyde-Pierce (Niles from Frasier) and Clayne Crawford. It was my … Read more

Sting 2024: Great Spider Horror Caught In A Web Of Predictability

Sting Review Moviehooker

I finally got to check out Kiah Roache-Turner’s new mutant space spider horror Sting Firstly, I will say that I really enjoyed Sting, it was a lot of fun although I did find it somewhat predictable but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. It follows Charlotte, a troubled teen who lives in a large apartment complex with her mother and stepdad. The … Read more

3 New South Korean Films You Need To Know About

New South Korean Movies A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list, this time focusing on some new South Korean films that will be coming our way soon. Hey, it may be a small list but I think these are gonna rock our worlds. Let us get to it. HANDSOME GUYS Handsome Guys has promised us some gnarly violence and … Read more

7 Promising New Genre Films You Need To Know About

New Genre Films - The Substance A Moviehooker List

As long as these movies keep getting announced, I will try my hardest to keep you all up to date with all the new genre films coming your way. Here’s another 7 flicks! Enjoy A lot of these new genre films are currently playing at festivals so we may be waiting a while before we see a release. At least my lovely … Read more

Trailer/Info for creepy British horror THE MOOR

The Moor - press release and trailer - Moviehooker

The Moor was another film that featured in a recent Moviehooker list so we are more than happy to share the press release and official trailer for the new creepy British horror film May 2024, London, UK: Bulldog Film Distribution is delighted to confirm that the acclaimed British horror, The Moor will be heading to UK Cinemas from 14th … Read more

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