The Intouchables – Comedy Can’t Get Any Better Than This

THE INTOUCHABLES Driss has just applied for a job as a carer, helping a quadriplegic man called Phillipe. He has no intention of taking the job. All he wants is a signature so he can prove to the welfare office that he’s actively seeking employment. Phillipe is a romantic/poet, he has a great mind but … Read more

13 South Korean Revenge Movies Everyone Should See

A list of 13 South Korean revenge movies We Know That No One Does Revenge Movies Quite Like South Korea. Here is a list of 13 South Korean Revenge Movies Everyone Should See. I Hope You Enjoy The List 1: HWAYAI A MONSTER BOY Like most South Korean revenge movies, this is fast, vicious, and brutal. The … Read more

Trailer For Bølgen (The Wave) Norway’s First Disaster Movie

Bolgen – Although the premise for this movie sounds just like the rest of the disaster movies out there. A geologist loses his family just before a giant freak wave is about to hit a coastal town in Norway. He must overcome overwhelming odds to reach his family and get them to safety. I can … Read more

Top Ten Foreign Thrillers Part 2

Part two of my new Top Ten Foreign Thrillers post. Top Foreign Thrillers All of the films featured in this 3-part post are new releases or will be getting released really soon. For the first 3 films just check related articles at bottom of the page, or use the search bar.  4: KIYAMACHI DARUMA As we … Read more

New Korean Serial-Killer Movie THE DEAL Cleans up At Box-office

When we want a great serial killer film then we never have to look any further than S.Korea. These guys are the masters of the genre, always delivering something, dark, gritty and often extremely brutal. Their storylines are gripping, and really well-written and the direction often puts you right into the film. By the end … Read more

Moviehooker Exclusive Interview – Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead Chat About Their Award Winning Creature-Feature SPRING

Spring is an award-winning creature-feature from RESOLUTION writers/directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. I was eager to find out all about the filming process of SPRING, in every little detail, and what inspired their award-winning’s what they had to say… How different did you guys find your experience making a bigger budgeted feature? It … Read more


Michael Smiley has been appearing on our screens for years, in a vast range of TV shows, independent movies and short films. He’s also a bit of a one-off in that he’s an Irish actor who isn’t compelled to hide his broad Belfast accent, instead turning it into his trademark (you’ll know Smiley if you … Read more

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