Fantasia Festival: Børning [Review]

  It’s a shame now that any film about cars gets lumped in with Fast & Furious (even of their own accord, and via a… Read More »Fantasia Festival: Børning [Review]

Catch Me Daddy [Review]

A directorial début by Daniel Wolfe, written alongside his brother Matthew, Catch Me Daddy follows Laila (Sameena Jabeen Ahmed), a Pakistani girl who leads a simple life with her white… Read More »Catch Me Daddy [Review]

Fantasia Festival: Socialphobia [Review]

  Socialphobia is the debut feature from Hong Seok-jae who tackles the increasingly disturbing knock-on effects of social media abuse and cyberbullying in South Korea. In the early hours of the… Read More »Fantasia Festival: Socialphobia [Review]

Fantasia Festival: Ryuzo And The Seven Henchmen [Review]

Ryuzo And The Seven Henchmen (Ryuzo 7 / Ryûzô to 7 nin no kobun tachi) Takeshi Kitano is no stranger to the gangster genre, bursting onto the… Read More »Fantasia Festival: Ryuzo And The Seven Henchmen [Review]

Fantasia Festival: Haemoo [Review]

  Haemoo This bleak box office smash from South Korea lives up to hype surrounding it, tossing the viewer about as if you were on… Read More »Fantasia Festival: Haemoo [Review]