Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt play two detectives from New Orleans investigating a drug that gives you superpowers in new Netflix Orginal The premise for new Netflix sci-fi Project Power sort of sounds like Limitless. But, instead of becoming super smart after you pop a pill, you just become super….

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After scrolling through Amazon Prime Video for what seemed like hours looking for something to watch, I said: “why not?” And gave S.Craig Zahler’s, Dragged Across Concrete another viewing. Like all of Zahler’s work to date, I remember really enjoying the film first time around for its rawness. After my…

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Alive (살아있다) is a new South Korean zombie flick that (hopefully) will be releasing soon. What I got from the trailer for Alive was a similar vibe to French zombie film The Night Eats The World. Starring Yoo Ah-in who starred alongside Steven Yeun in the critically acclaimed thriller Burning,…

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