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3 newly released films you should check out on amazon prime

A list of newly released films on Amazon Prime Video I think you should check out.

To be honest, it seems that Amazon Prime Video has been a little slow with original content lately. Even though this list only features three films I thought they were all great. We are just not getting enough of them. Let’s get to it.


Rosamund Pike delivers another phenomenal performance in I Care A Lot. The story of a care worker who has been scamming her clients and taking control of their assets and money. She hears about the perfect client: An elderly woman; rich, forgetful…and more importantly: no family…or that’s what she thought. Her life is thrown into chaos when her only son, a mob boss comes asking questions about why his mother is being held against her own free will in a care home.

Co-starring Peter Dinklage as the mob boss, Diane Wiest and Macon Blair, I Care A Lot is a dark and odd comedy that may be a bit too odd for some. And, man, it was great to see Diane Wiest again. She did not disappoint.


Riz Ahmed stars as a metal drummer who tours out of a van with his girlfriend. During their recent tour, Ruben learns that he is going to lose his hearing. The film follows his journey which is fuelled by bitterness, anger, resentment and acceptance.

The acting in this film is just off the charts. Riz Ahmed’s powerful performance is equally heartwarming as it is heartbreaking.

Don’t be expecting any action with this one. Sound Of Metal is as dramatic as they come but it sure does pack a punch.

After watching, I went and checked out some reviews and I was surprised to find complaints about the sound design. I thought the sound design was perfect but I guess I can get why some people wouldn’t like it. We get to hear (or not hear) what the character is going through; from the ringing in the ears to the full-on deafening silence. Then, just out of nowhere in what would seem like a normal establishing shot in any other film, there’s almost a piercing clarity and an explosion of sound. We get to hear this, our lead character doesn’t. It really made you appreciate the tiny little things that we all take for granted every day.

A lot of actors in Sound of Metal is from the deaf community. One of the leads in the film (Paul Raci) grew up with deaf parents. He is a prominent figure in the deaf community and also performs in an ASL (American Sign Language) Sabbath tribute band called Hands of Doom.


Another drama, this time starring Jodie Foster, Benedict Cumberbatch Tahar Rahim & Shailene Woodley

This film has popped up in a few groups on social media so I decided to take the plunge and watch it. Based on a shocking true story, The Mauritanian tells the story of the false imprisonment of Mohamedou Ould Slahi by the American government. Jodie Foster plays the lawyer who takes on the case to prove his innocence.

We have seen a similar plot in a thousand movies but this was a frightening watch. I was hoping it wasn’t gonna be another film with the Americans being made out to be heroes defending freedom and it wasn’t. I am not familiar with the true story but the film came across as factual and truthful.

The performances were great all-round but without a doubt, it was Tamir Rahim that held the torch in The Mauritanian.

Well, that’s it for this list of newly released films on Amazon Prime Video. As always, thanks for reading.

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Fan of The Boys? – Check out Robert Kirkman’s Invincible on Amazon Prime

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is back with Invincible, a new ultra-violent animated series on Amazon Prime – and it’s damn good!

Invincible tells the story of Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) a seemingly normal teenager and son of Omni-Man, an extraterrestrial superhero with Earth-shattering powers. Eventually, Mark will inherit his father’s abilities and join him in fighting crime and laser-beaming people in half. He starts to realise, that his father, the most powerful being on the planet isn’t the hero everyone thinks he is. He might just be just like a version of Homelander -only with a Tom Selleck moustache (That’s a fantastic combination). Heads will roll. Guts will spill.


And, man, what a fantastic cast. We have Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Mark Hamill, Zachary Quinto, Seth Rogen, Clancy Brown, Walton Goggins and loads more.

And Amazon Prime caught me again. I thought I was sitting down to the full first season. Nope. There were only three episodes which left me with a thirst for more. Thanks for that Amazon. So now the wait begins for episode 4. I can’t wait. I am really enjoying it.

Invincible first appeared in an issue of Savage Dragon in 2002. It then got its own series and was published in 2003. It ended in 2017 after 144 issues.

If you fancy yourself some adult animation and beautiful gratuitous ultra-violence then stop what you’re doing and go and check out Robert Kirkman’s Invincible on Amazon Prime Video.

How long until the news is announced that we will get a live-action version or spin-off movie? I’ll give it one month.

Season one consists of 8-episodes. Only 3 episodes have been released so far. It’s up to you, check it out now and wait weekly or starve yourself so you can binge it in its entirety. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Fan of Black Mirror? Check Out Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime

Electric Dreams is a sci-fi anthology based on the mind-bending works of Philip K Dick

Ok, this has been released since 2017…wtf?!. I had no idea that it even existed which was great. I was able to enjoy the series without having to wait for weekly episodes.

It’s got everything that a Black Mirror fan could want and evident that Charlie Broker was influenced hugely by the works of Philip K Dick. We have a great run-time of nearly an hour per-episode with huge production quality. It is packed to the gills of great actors including Bryan Cranston, Anna Paquin, Steve Buscemi, Terrence Howard, Jack Reynor…the list goes on.

Of course, some episodes are better than others. The strong episodes are mind-blowing. The weaker episodes are still way more than watchable, so it is a win-win. This was a great anthology with nearly 10-hours of some of the best science-fiction ever adapted for the screen

Phillip K Dick’s Electric Dreams is based on shorts stories released between 1953-1955.

Amazon Prime and Channel 4 teamed up for the series after the success of Netflix‘s Black Mirror. I am a little confused about why we never got a second series. Phillip K Dick published over 40 novels and 121 short stories. It is not as if they didn’t have the content. Maybe it didn’t do as well as Prime and Channel 4 expected?.

For a start, maybe I am wrong but…shit marketing. I would consider myself fairly well-educated when it comes to upcoming releases in sci-fi and horror. Not only that but in 2017 I was still working in movie stores, it was my job to know what was out. Maybe I was just shit at my job, who knows?. It is baffling to me that something with such high production value, packed with great acting talent managed to slip under the radar. I can’t help but think that this series would have been every bit as successful as Broker’s Black Mirror if marketed correctly. Such a shame.

Other Philip K Dick screen adaptations include Blade Runner, an adaptation of his novel Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep, A Scanner Darkly (Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jnr, Winona Ryder and Woody Harrelson), Total Recall (Arnold Swarzenegger), Minority Report (Tom Cruise), Screamers (Peter Weller) and TV series The Man In The High Castle.

Anyways, if you haven’t checked it out then I would defo recommend Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams as your next series to binge. Go get yourself 10-hours of science-fiction escapism. As always, thanks for reading.

Article by GG
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4 BLOCKS: Gomorrah meets Sons Of Anarchy

I have no idea how 4 Blocks got past me. In a way, it’s great because I get to binge everything that is available…well, on Amazon Prime anyways.

4 Blocks is set in Berlin, it focuses on a Lebanese drug cartel/mafia run by Toni Hamady. Toni and his gang of Arab thugs make their fortune preying on the weak and vulnerable, getting the poor addicted to crack.

When their lifelong buddy, Vince arrives back on the scene after being away for decades he is quickly taken under Toni’s wing. But unlike, Toni, everyone isn’t as fast to trust, Vince.

A bitter turf breaks out between Toni & co and a local German biker gang called The Cthulhus (yay! An H.P Lovecraft reference).

4 Blocks is highly addictive….just like the crack they’re pushing.

The setting of all the high rise flats, drug dealers living the life of luxury while the majority of people suffer because of desperation and addiction is just like the fantastic Gomorrah. I made that comparison 5-minutes into the first episode. Then, the biker gang comes into it which really gives it a Sons of Anarchy vibe.

Season 2 deals with the same crimelords, only we get more gangs involved…and if you think the bikers were badass, then wait until you meet the others

There is a third season released (TNT Original) but as of yet, it ain’t available on Amazon Prime.

So, if you’re a fan of Gomorrah, Sons of Anarchy or any other really respected crime/mafia series then I advise you to get on 4 Blocks as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed.

One of the best things I have watched in a long time. I was so gutted that season 3 wasn’t available on Amazon Prime. For those of you that have access to TNT, I am sure you’ll get hooked up with season 3 there. Lucky you!

As always thanks for reading.

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Borat 2 Review: Just As Fucked Up As The First – Only Twice The Fun

When the news broke that Sacha Baron Cohen had secretly shot a new Borat movie it was like a dream come true

After checking out the official trailer, yeah, I laughed but to be honest, I was far from convinced. Within 5 minutes of the opening credits I knew I was wrong and Baron Cohen has once again fooled the fine folk of the U.S & A.

After the first Borat movie, Kazakhstan’s humble hero has been sentenced to a life of hard labour. Why?…for making a mockery of the fine people of his country. All is forgiven when he is called upon by his government to deliver a monkey to the Vice Premier of the U.S & A. When Borat arrives, his 15-year-old daughter has smuggled herself in the same cage as Johnny the Monkey.

I was uncertain about the daughter story and thought the trailer seemed somewhat forced. But, man, I was so glad I was wrong. Maria Bakalova plays Tutar Sagdiyev and she is every bit as good and funny as Borat. In true Borat nature, the stuff she gets up to is just as cringe and disgusting as her loving father.

Basically, after they are unable to deliver the monkey, and to avoid an excruciating death back home, Borat is given permission to offer his 15-year-old daughter as a gift. I am not gonna go into this, but even with that description, you should be able to tell how wrong everything you will witness is going to be.

For those who are wondering how Borat is able to walk around without people noticing who he is?.

Well, I am sure that you’re aware that Baron Cohen is a true master of disguise. He spends a lot of time as Borat but he changes into different personalities throughout the film.

So, what are you waiting for?

The new Borat movie is now available to stream on Amazon Prime. Enjoy the awkward laughs. Happy Friday everyone.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Fallout Series In Development For Amazon

Some really S.P.E.C.I.A.L news for fans of Fallout.

Amazon and Bethesda Game Studios have announced that the hugely popular post-apocalyptic game franchise is coming to the small screen.

Here is the official announcement from Twitter from @BethesdaStudios

So, not only are we getting a Fallout series, it is getting brought to us by the producers of Westworld. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan will produce under their Kilter Films banner.

In a recent interview via Bethesda, producer Lisa Joy, Albert Cheng from Amazon Studios and Todd Howard from Bethesda had this to say:

“Fallout is one of the greatest game series of all time. Each chapter of this insanely imaginative story has cost us countless hours we could have spent with family and friends. So we’re incredibly excited to partner with Todd Howard and the rest of the brilliant lunatics at Bethesda to bring this massive, subversive, and darkly funny universe to life with Amazon Studios,”

Lisa Joy – Interview @ Bethesda

“Over the last decade, we looked at many ways to bring Fallout to the screen. But it was clear from the moment I first spoke with Jonah and Lisa a few years ago, that they and the team at Kilter were the ones to do it right. We’re enormous fans of their work and couldn’t be more excited to work with them and Amazon Studios.

Todd Howard, Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout is an iconic global franchise, with legions of fans worldwide and a rich, deeply compelling storyline that powers it. And Jonah and Lisa are the perfect storytellers to bring this series to life. We’re thrilled to join with Bethesda to bring Fallout to television.”

Albert Cheng – COO and Co-Head of Television, Amazon Studios

Now it is just waiting game, folks. No other news is available at this time. As soon as more is announced, I will make sure to update the article and get the news to you as quickly as possible.

As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
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Interview Quotes from


Patriot: One Of The Best Series’ Amazon Prime Has To Offer…but they cancelled it!

I remember trying to start the Amazon Prime Original, Patriot sometime ago. For whatever reason, I didn’t make it past the first episode…I have no idea why! Thanks to a recent post in TV & Movie Addicts on Facebook it put Patriot back on the list and I couldn’t be happier or more upset that I have let this series slide for so long

Patriot tells the story of John Tavner, a man in his 30’s pretending to work at an industrial engineering company when really he is working as an Intelligence Officer for the United States government. He is put on a simple mission, to deliver a bag of money to help a politician in Iran fight against nuclear weapons. But things don’t go according to plan. This starts off an unpredictable and often hilarious chain of events

Another great thing about Patriot is their approach to an Original Sound Track.

As well as some classics, Patriot is drenched in beautiful folk music, played and sung by our lead character, John (Michael Dorman). The only problem is…his songwriting is a way of venting. He can’t tell anyone he is an intelligence officer but It’s all in the lyrics of the songs he writes. And he really doesn’t care. Either that or he just doesn’t notice. He gets up in singer/songwriting nights and bleeds his little folking heart out to the listeners who all seem to be lost in the melody and not realising how dark and fucked up the lyrics are.

Michael Dorman (Triangle) is such a terrific actor. You really feel his sorrow, and he doesn’t have to even open his mouth. Every mission he has been on has had a devastating effect on him. He carries this unbearable torment around with him everywhere he goes. You really just wanna give the guy a hug and tell him everything is going to be okay.

You can not mention how great this series is and not mention its amazing supporting cast including the great Kurtwood Smith (RoboCop, That 70’s Show).

Written by Steve Conrad who is responsible for some great deadpan comedies throughout the years including The Weatherman starring Nicolas Cage.

There are two seasons of Patriot for you to enjoy on Amazon Prime. I hope you enjoy and laugh as much as I did.

Turns out a certain Mr Albert Cheng (co-head of Amazon TV) cancelled this series after 2 seasons. You, sir, got this one wrong!. They could do so much more with this amazing cast and series.

As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
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Updated: Official Trailer Added For The Boys Season 2

Lucky for us, before COVID 19 closed down the world, The Boys Season 2 had finished shooting. It has been confirmed by The Boys and The Supes during a lockdown interview with Patton Oswalt

Amazon Prime recently announced that we will be getting The Boys Season 2 sooner rather than later.

Article Updated: The Boys will hit prime on September 4th. We now have the official trailer to share with you all…go to the bottom of article for the new trailer.

Unlike the first season though…we won’t get to binge the second season in its entirety. The second season will be released weekly but we will have a few to binge on September 4th. I have also added the interview with the full cast…and also, for those of you who don’t mind a few spoilers, I have added the first three minutes of season 3.

Go To Bottom Of Article For New Content + Official Trailer

All of the cast from the first season will return for season 2 with the exception of Simon Pegg as Hughie Snr.

“No, they got me out of the way. I did my little bit. It was very fun to do that show. I was pleased to be a part of it.”

Simon Pegg

We also have confirmation of two new characters, a Neo-Nazi named, Stormwatch will be joining our band of superhero slayers. Also, Patton Oswalt has been cast but as of now, his role has been kept secret.

In the first season of The Boys, Billy the Butcher has been on a warpath trying to capture and kill Homelander who he thinks raped his wife which then led to his wife killing herself. Now, we know that Butcher’s wife ain’t dead. Not only that but as a result of the rape, she became pregnant and is now bringing up Homelander’s kid in a secret location. I can only imagine how further down the rabbit hole Butcher will become when he learns his wife is alive and well and bringing up Homelanders son.

For the Hardcore fans of the original comic book material

You will be delighted to know that Billy the Butcher’s trusty doggo, Terror will also make an appearance in the second season. The reasoning behind his absence so far is just plain and simple: Dogs are just too fucking hard to shoot. If you remember in season 1, in a flashback that Butcher had about being in bed with his wife you can catch a glimpse of his dog, Terror sitting on the floor.

The Boys was created by  Garth Ennis (Preacher) and Darick Robertson. Although first published by a subsidiary of DC, they tried to put a stop to it to graphic novels because of the anti-hero approach to the superheroes. Basically, DC got scared because, this time, the superheroes are the bad guys. Thankfully, Ennis and co didn’t have long to wait until the series was picked up again.

The Boys was first published in 2006 via  Wildstorm (DC Comics) before shifting publishers to  Dynamite Entertainment. Ennis later confirmed that if they had of stayed with DC, then The Boys would have been chipped at and edited to suit the masses. Luckily for us, Dynamite Entertainment gave Ennis and Robertson total creative control to continue.

We’d have died on the vine [at DC]. The book would have been chipped and chipped away at until writing it was pure frustration.” 

The Boys creator, Garth Ennis

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming release of Amazon Prime’s, The Boys Season 2. As soon as I hear anything at all, you guys will be the first to know.

The Boys Fuckin’ Reunited

The First 3 Minutes of The Boys season 2 (very minor spoilers)

You can check out The Boys Season 2 teaser BELOW

Here is the official trailer for THE BOYS S02

So, apparently, this is the OFFICIAL TRAILER for The Boys Season 2…and, man, it so good! enjoy!

As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
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Amazon Prime Original’s To Cure Your Boredom During Lockdown

I am back again with another list. This time, I will be focusing on Amazon Prime originals to try and cure you of some of those lockdown blues!


Holy shit, this series is off to such a weird and wonderful start. Tales From the Loop is a brand new sci-fi series that focuses on the residents of a small American working-class town who mostly work at an underground centre known locally as “the loop”.

Although this is clearly set sometime in the future, everything and everyone looks like they’ve been caught in some sort of 80’s timeloop…who knows, this could very well be the case but I am not there yet.

Robots patrol the town and are a part of the everyday workforce but apart from that, the clothing, the cars, they all look very 80’s and believe it or not, this is a combination that works beautifully.


The way World War 2 ended was a lie, most of the Nazis were able to escape. Not only did these war criminals escape, but they have been given new identities and powerful jobs working for the US government.

In this Amazon Prime original, a group of Nazi hunters led by Al Pacino dedicate their lives to hunting down and bringing Nazi war criminals to justice…or killing them…mainly killing them. 


If the next name I am about to write doesn’t mean anything to you then you may want to give this one a miss.

Sion Sono – One of Japan’s leading names in obscurity is back with quite the colourful vampire tale.

This Amazon Prime Original was brought to us by Sion Sono and if you like your series’ bloody, colourful with a whole load of wtf?! then, my friends, this is most certainly for you.

A young girl reaches a certain age and then find herself in the centre of an ancient, evil ongoing battle between two vampire clans.

Tokyo Vampire Hotel was also meant to be a feature-length film. The finished cut was a 2 and a half-hour feature that was shown to Western festivals


This Amazon Original series looks at a completely changed USA after World War 2. The history we know and were taught have been lies. Nazi Germany won the world war America is the new Nazi Germany…actually not that far away from the truth

A group of resistance fighters try to take down and end the Nazi rule. This series is a little bit slow, to begin with, but the main plot of the story “where we would be now if the Nazi’s won the war?” is such an amazingly dark storyline.


This is a relatively new Amazon Original series that enters the viewer into surreal Black Mirror territory with some guaranteed laughs along the way.

Created by Greg Daniels (U.S Office) and set in the year 2033, Upload is about a company that lets you upload a loved one that’s near death. They are uploaded to a virtual hotel which is run by 6 large companies.

A girl called Nora uploads her party-loving boyfriend to the luxurious Lakeshore Digital Afterlife after his self-driving car crashes.


If you have somehow been trapped under a rock for the last year, then just maybe, you haven’t heard of The Boys yet…and lucky you if you haven’t.

Season 2 can’t be that far away, so there is no better time to introduce yourself to or rewatch The Boys.

A group of superhero silencers led by Billy the Butcher are put together to take down a group of superheroes known as The Seven. These superheroes spend their days protecting us humans from harm but when the cameras aren’t looking these bunch of superhero fucks’ are getting up to no good.

Based on a series of graphic novels by Preacher creator Garth Ennis.

This pretty much what would happen if superheroes were real, and Marvel was bought by huge cooperation like, let’s say, Disney…oh wait!


A brand new Manga…or is it Anime? I can’t tell these days. but Amazon sure does have a lot of them streaming right now.

Anyways, I am sure that you are aware that the great Takeshi Miike released his live-adaptation of Blade Of The Immortal back in 2017

An immortal samurai called Manji helps a young girl track down and kill a group of swordsmen that killed her parents

Okay, folks, that’s it for this list. Make sure to check back for more awesome content soon.

As always, thanks for reading

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

Films To Check Out On Amazon Prime Before They’re Gone

Here is a list of films that have a limited time on Amazon Prime. There is a little bit of everything and hopefully something for everyone. I hope you enjoy, let’s get cracking!


This film has been running around my brain for the last few months. There is also an Amazon Original called Undone that uses very similar animation to what we see in the adaptation of Phillip K Dick’s, A Scanner Darkly.

Directed by Richard Linklater and starring an all-star cast including Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrellson, Wynona Ryder, and Robert Downey Jnr.

The film focuses on a cop that is investigating a new, weird, dangerous and mind-altering drug.


I had the pleasure of reviewing Danish indie flick Darkland when it was it played at Fantasia International Film Festival

The film tells the story of Ziad, a surgeon who takes a dark path of vengeance when his brother is killed by a local gang.

My only complaint would be some pacing issues but if you can see past that then there is a lot to love about Darkland


One of the finest comedies I have seen in quite a while. Starring Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C Reilly. The film all takes place inside one apartment and would make an awesome play if one hasn’t already been made.

An incident with a child ignites the war to end all wars between to prove whose child is innocent.


This one has been on my watchlist for a long time. It is one of those movies that I knew that would grim, so I need to be in a “grim” sort of state of mind to want to watch it

At the end of World War 2, Danish soldiers have captured the remaining Nazi’s soldiers. But these Nazis aren’t like anything we have previously seen in movies, they are children. There are scared and frightened children with most of them clueless to why they were fighting in the first place.

These kids are tasked with the impossible mission of deactivating over 2 million live mines that the Nazis planted during the war. With very little training they sent out knowing that any minute could be their last.


Starring Saoirse Ronan & Gemma Arterton and directed by Interview With The Vampire director Neil Jordan. Byzantium is an unusual yet refreshing take on the vampire tale.

Two female vampires take refuge in a small coastal seaside town. The oldest of the two runs a brothel to lure and kill her victims while the youngest vampire takes a more sympathetic approach to kill her victims.

This is a superior vampire film that and a much-needed injection of darkness into a sub-genre that Hollywood has left an unforgivable stench on.


You don’t have to look at Joker to know that Joaquin Phoenix is a tremendous actor. Buffalo Soldiers was released in 2001 and the guy was just as good to watch back then as he is now.

The film focuses on Ray Elwood, an American soldier that operates a Blackmarket organisation when stationed in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

That is it for this list of Films with A Limited Time On Amazon Prime. I hope you check out the ones you haven’t seen before they’re gone. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker