It is no secret that Fantasia International Film Festival is my favourite film festival in the world. Due to the Covid Virus, filmmakers are left in limbo with the fear of their hard work going unnoticed. This year, Fantasia will hold a virtual festival to showcase the amazing new talent…

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There has never been a better time to binge some Netflix. Here is a lockdown list of some high-quality foreign-language series’ that you can all enjoy. Some of these are Netflix originals, so they’re available across the globe. For the others, you will have to have Netflix UK/Ireland. This article…

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On Netflix: BROTHERHOOD Organised Crime Never Looked Grittier

Brotherhood Netflix Series

BROTHERHOOD Primarily set inside the walls of a rough, gang-ridden prison in São Paulo, Brazil. A new faction has been formed called the Brotherhood. Their purpose is to stop the murder, abuse and discrimination from a corrupt prison system. This is all orchestrated inside the walls of a prison which…

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Sion Sono’s The Forest Of Love recently hit Netflix. Sometimes just one movie is worth your entire monthly subscription. This is one of those films. I will start off by saying that The Forest Of Love won’t be for everyone. Japanese director Sion Sono (Suicide Club, Love Exposure, Why Don’t…

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JOKER Review:

Joker Review Moviehooker

But this new vision is more about a mentally ill man drowning in the lies, seediness & the filth of a crime-ridden Gotham. A film about what created Joker and more importantly, what his character is about to become if he is to return for a sequel. If you look…

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