#ChimeraTheMovie Chimera 2018

Chimera Strain 2018. A Science Fiction Movie for Science Nerds

A brilliant but disturbed scientist freezes his children alive, while he races to cure their deadly genetic disease by decoding the DNA of the immortal Turritopsis jellyfish. Starring Henry Ian, Kathleen Quinlan, Jenna Harrison, Karishma Ahluwalia, and Erika Ervin. A debut film from Maurice Haeems. Chimera 2018 Review.


‘The Next Big Thing’ 2016. Be Famous to Become Famous?

Insta-famous, YouTube-famous, cyber-star and internet personalities are all words we are familiar with. We reside in times where celebrity culture is hurtled towards us at an alarming speed. Chuck wants Julian to be ‘The Next Big Thing’ and this is his movie. This review is spoiler-free. A movie about being famous to become famous.

Peaky Blinders


The Peaky Blinders are back: check out the first trailer for the brand new season Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and co are back again for another season of Steven Knight’s Peaky Blinders. Adrien Brody (The Jacket, The Pianist) and Aiden Gillen (Game Of Thrones, Love/Hate) have both been confirmed as characters in the Continue Reading


Indivisible: Italian Cinema Offers Us A Much More Daring & Dark Coming Of Age Story

  Edoardo De Angelis’ Indivisible: A Beautiful, Unique Coming Of Age Story About Conjoined Twins. When I first read the plot for Indivisible, I wasn’t sure what sort of genre it was going be and that intrigued me more. Within the first minute of the film, I knew that the movie Continue Reading

Fantasia Festival 2017 Review: SPOOR

The Hunters Become The Hunted In Stylish Dark Polish Thriller SPOOR  Fantasia Film Festival 2017 Review:SPOOR Janina Duszejko is a part-time English teacher who lives alone with her two dogs on the outskirts of a small village in Southern Poland. She is hugely popular among her young students but seen Continue Reading

Fantasia Festival Review: FASHIONISTA

Simon Rumley Hits The Screens With His Truly Unsettling, Atmospheric Horror, “FASHIONISTA”    Fantasia Festival 2017 Review Prior to “Fashionista”, many will be familiar with Rumley due to his 2010 thriller “Red, White & Blue”, which received relative success on the horror focused film festival circuits. His other efforts since Continue Reading

Fantasia Film Festival 2017 Review: ANIMALS

Greg Zglinski’s ANIMALS takes weirdness to a whole different level  FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL 17’ REVIEW: ANIMALS (TIERE) Anna and Nick are planning a trip to Switzerland as their married life is on the brink of destruction. Nick, who works as a chef will collect local recipes and Anna, a children’s Continue Reading


Everyone Has To Check Out New Netflix Original OKJA

Bong Joon-ho’s OKJA has finally hit Netflix putting the streaming giants to the top the board for original content As a huge fan of South Korean director Bong Joon-ho, it’s no surprise that I have been following OKJA since pre-production. He’s one of my favourite directors and with movies like Continue Reading