THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: Animalistic Evolution

The Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom has been high-up on the watchlist since it was featured in an upcoming movie list on Moviehooker at the end of last year. As a big fan of French cinema, I was sold when I saw the great Romain Duris in a French sci-fi horror. Even more so when I found out … Read more

Restore Point: Witness A Terrifying New Future

Restore Point Review

RESTORE POINT arrives on U.S. VOD on February 8th via XYZ Films! Check out the mind-melting trailer below! Moviehooker is excited to share with you the official press release for the new Czech sci-fi, Restore Point. This one looks visually stunning and is a mind-bending blend of Blade Runner and Black Mirror all set in a … Read more

Badland Hunters: South Korea Show Us Again How Action Is Done


Netflix has finally released the highly anticipated Ma Dong-seok action film Badland Hunters – and it was WAY better than I could ever have hoped for Ma Dong-seok is back, doing what he does best: smashing heads. Only in Badland Hunters – his weaponry goes way beyond his trademarked pulverising fists of justice —this time, … Read more


Paradise - Netflix Review - Moviehooker

Are you a fan Black Mirror? if so, then you should check out the German movie on Netflix called PARADISE Paradise was hugely entertaining, if not a little bit terrifying. The story of a company called AEON who can forcefully remove years of your life if you’re in debt or struggling. You are sat in … Read more

HOT SKULL: New Netflix Series Is The Turkish Pontypool

Hot Skull Review

Pontypool was one of the most unique viral outbreak movies ever released and still is to this day. A very clever form of infection that is spread through the English language. Hot Skull takes the. same sort of premise but ramps it up to 11 adding in very clever elements to give this its own … Read more

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