New Serial killer Movies - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list. This time I am focusing on some new serial killer movies and I promise that some of these will shake you to the core  Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, I am sure you will have heard of some of these new serial killer movies, but I hope I have … Read more

Exhibit A: Forgotten Greats No.3

Exhibit A movie - Forgotten Greats - A Moviehooker List

Part 3 of Moviehooker’s Forgotten Greats is the fantastic found footage crime drama Exhibit A. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 here Okay, I will start off by saying that Exhibit A will certainly not be for everyone. The style of filming requires a deep understanding of how the found footage sub-genre exactly works: It ain’t pretty, it’s … Read more

Dangerous Animals: Serial Killer Feeds Victims To Sharks in Sean Byrne’s New Film

Dangerous Animals movies Sean Byrne New Movie (The Loved Ones pictured)

Sean Byrne, the writer and director behind The Loved Ones and The Devil’s Candy is back with a new serial killer horror called Dangerous Animals Sean Byrne is a popular name within the indie horror scene. His two movies, The Loved Ones and The Devil’s Candy both offered a unique spin on tiresome sub-plots that … Read more

Megalomaniac review (2024): Dark, Barbaric Depravity

Megalomaniac review - Moviehooker

Megalomaniac is another one Moviehooker has been pushing. We were promised a dark and disturbing serial killer entry and yes, we get this…but so much more In the 1990s a serial killer terrorised the streets of Belgium known as the Butcher of Monnes and killed his female victims in the cruellest way possible. Now, years … Read more

9 Extreme Action Films & how The Raid Inspired a new generation of cinematic brutality

Extreme Action Films - The Raid - A Moviehooker List

The story has it that Gareth Evans traveled to Indonesia looking to make a documentary on the Indonesian form of martial arts, silat. When he arrived he met a bus driver called Iko who drove employees to a telecommunication center. This bus driver also so happened to be a national champion and a master of … Read more

Kill (2024): Info on new brutal action film & the rise of extreme Indian Action

Kill Movie Information Moviehooker

Great news to report to you today from Moviehooker HQ – we have information on India’s most violent movie to date – Kill. Gaining outstanding reviews since it played at the prestigious Sitges International Film Festival, Kill is meant to be the best action flick since Garth Evans and Iko Uwais redesigned the action genre … Read more

10 of the Best Australian Horror Movies

Australian Horror Films A Moviehooker List

I am back with another new list of Australian horror movies. Recently, we have had a huge surge in traffic from Australia, so it’s only fair that we continue to feed that monster! Okay, so maybe not all of these are extreme but a good majority of them are. I can safely say though that … Read more


Monkey Man - 3 New Action Movies - Moviehooker

I am back again with another new list. This time though I want to focus on 3 new action movies that are guaranteed to bring more chaos and bloodshed than any other actioners of the year. When it comes to new action movies, I would have to say I would be a little picky. We … Read more

Badland Hunters: South Korea Show Us Again How Action Is Done


Netflix has finally released the highly anticipated Ma Dong-seok action film Badland Hunters – and it was WAY better than I could ever have hoped for Ma Dong-seok is back, doing what he does best: smashing heads. Only in Badland Hunters – his weaponry goes way beyond his trademarked pulverising fists of justice —this time, … Read more

News: In A Violent Nature – New Extreme Zombie-Slasher Horror

in a violent nature news - Moviehooker

In A Violent Nature just played at this year’s Sundance. I thought I would try and get the word out first that this horror is meant to be gruesome af and the kills, creative as Hell When we think back to the number of fantastic horror movies we got in 2023 (When Evil Lurks, Talk … Read more

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