New Horror Movies 2024

Everyone Will Burn - New Horror Movies Moviehooker

I am taking a small break away from the Shudder (Part 4 Coming Soon) content to bring you another list of new horror movies coming your way in 2024 A new horror list featuring some great upcoming and recently released titles. As always, I’ve a nice mix of genres so, hopefully something there for every … Read more

In My Mother’s Skin Review: Beautifully Bleak Filipino Folk Horror Fairytale

In My Mother's Skin Review - Moviehooker

Set in the Philippines during World War II, In My Mother’s Skin follows Tala, a young kid left to look after her ailing mother and young brother after their father goes missing and feared never to return Struggling to make ends meet, Tala sets out to try and find some food for her family. Her … Read more

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