7 Directors, Their First Independent Non-English Feature, And Their English Language Debut

Usually with mainstream Hollywood cinema, it is hit-&-miss and we don’t get a lot of originality. Everything seems to be some sort of remake, revamp, or regurgitation in some shape or form. But some of the directors who are now dishing out some of the best best films started of Continue Reading


New Trailer For New Zealand Heavy Metal Horror Comedy Deathgasm

Deathgasm was mentioned on Moviehooker as a flick that we’re definitely going to want to see when it gets picked up for release. The film played to sold-out festival audiences around the world. Every review that I have read has been a positive one. So if you’re a fan of heavy metal, gore, and comedy Continue Reading

21 Great Modern Euro-Horror Movies

A list of already released Euro horror movies. Hope you enjoy. SHREW’S NEST This is a new claustrophobic horror movie from Spain. The reviews that I have read for this movie have been really strong. It recently played at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. It also features a performance Continue Reading