Another List Of Upcoming Horror Movies 2024

Upcoming Horror Movies 2024 - A MOVIEHOOKER LIST

We are back with a new list of upcoming or recently released horror films for 2024. And, as always, there’s quite a variety in here; werewolves, vampires, occult and serial killers so definitely something for every sort of horror lover WEREWOLVES Frank Grillo and Lou Diamond Phillips star in Werewolves (previously titled Year 2). A … Read more

HOT SKULL: New Netflix Series Is The Turkish Pontypool

Hot Skull Review

Pontypool was one of the most unique viral outbreak movies ever released and still is to this day. A very clever form of infection that is spread through the English language. Hot Skull takes the. same sort of premise but ramps it up to 11 adding in very clever elements to give this its own … Read more

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